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August 01, 2007



ROFLMAO! @ 20 people inclluding his staff.


Richard Rios

It is the honest, straight talking, look you in the eye as a person and not a vote or a donor that caught my attention and support for Senator Thompson.

The feeling is nationwide. I will be the guest on a station in Ames, Iowa talking about Senator Thompson. People are yearning for a candidate that will talk to them on a personal level and listen to what is said in the conversation.

We are seeing a significant increase in volunteer requests. Some may say he has a long way to go getting a campaign in place once he announces. We are working to mitigate that.

We are working independently of Senator Thompson as there is no official campaign, to build a framework of volunteers and leaders throughout the state that can be called upon to support Senator Thompson.

I look forward to supporting Senator Thompson in the next Presidential election.

Richard Rios
Director - California for Thompson


California's largest grassroots effort to support and encourage Fred Thompson to run for President

Silence Dogood

FredsForAmnesty -

Did you not read the first two sentences of Fleischman's post? It was meant to be a "small private reception" and "an intimate affair". I'd count those who attended among the lucky.

As I understand it, Thompson visited at least three other events yesterday in addition to the intimate reception hosted by the Davis family.

20 people? HA! Hardly.

Fred Head

I happened to have attended the last event of the evening in Newport Coast. Sen. Thompson was there with his wife Jeri. Outside of the event planner (Julie Paule), six volunteers and one staff member there were over 100 people in attendance...and yes, I counted. I was curious to see he could go toe to toe with the other GOP candidates who have done like minded events in similar venues. He was not only up for the task but was refreshing to hear his honest and frank answers.


I think it will be very difficult for some people to have Sen. Thompson run for prez. He really likes America, and he likes being American. That alone will make SOME folks very angry.


Wow! It read like a Harlequin novel. With so much nestling and intimacy going on, I hope they at least paid for Jon's cab ride home.


We should be so lucky to have Jon on our team. I have asked several times and he has distanced himself as well as not given any outright indication of his future alignment.

I take pride in Senator Thompson's style of actually sitting down and talking with people one on one. As Silence dogwood pointed out, the number of guests was intentional to give the Senator the time he would like to take to actually listen to people. Imagine that, a presidential candidate that actually cares what an individual says...

Ditto killerjoe, he is proud to be an American and makes no excuse for it as one is not needed. It does rub Democrats and some Republicans wrong to stand firm in the ideals of the Constitution as they were intended.

I had the privilege to be the guest on a morning talk show leading into the Ames Straw poll next week. Fred was placed on the Ticket even though he is not a candidate and cannot present himself as such. The host took a couple of shots at us as Californian's but I think I was able to give a proper view of Senator Thompson.


Mitt Romney was on the show before me. That one actually had to be reposted due to the exchange Romney had with the host of the show. Tancredo and Hunter were on the show on Monday.

To hear their interviews, stances and what they are saying at the Iowa straw poll you can listen here:


Richard Rios
Director - California for Thompson


California's largest grassroots effort to support and encourage Fred Thompson to run for President

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