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August 24, 2007



I agree. I think they'll strip Street's investment power but no call for resignation until the investigation is over.

I see a 3-2 vote to strip powers unless there is more information out in the open by Sept. 11.

I also think that Janet Nguyen made a bad call for aligning herself with Bates on this one.

turn the other cheek

Moorlach seems to have only one kind of reaction to difficult situations. And it seems he has no depth, turning a cold shoulder to those who he dislikes for whatever reason he has.
Even if street is guilty, which is not proven yet, acting that towards a friend is shameful. I think we can see that the knight has dull armor and maybe he is not the knight as proclaimed, but more of the boy who called wolf.........

Green Machine

I can't blame Moorlach for being pissed at Street. He put his trust (and his name) behind the guy and he got burned. That ridiculous remark about being an interior decorator didn't help matters either. But Moorlach should have done his homework. He and his supporters continually boast about the warnings he gave the county before the bankruptcy, yet Moorlach himself had several warning signs about Street and ignored them as well. Now he finds himself embroiled in a controversy that he could have avoided if he had heeded the warnings.

Maybe Nick Beradino should get a license plate that says "Skyfell 2"

The Prophet

Seriously though. I don't think there is a showdown between these two men. But these two friends, especially Moorlach, would like everyone else to think that there is one. I'm sure Street realizes that, politically, Moorlach has no other choice but to distance himself and call for his resignation. The two have probably been discussing how to time and release all the tidbits to the press so that it makes Moorlach look like the decisive fellow who saves the day. Then the cold shoulder act that was put on at the OC GOP Central Committee meeting Monday night was too funny. This all appears to be staged to me. Political games are so funny sometimes.


Among my principal concerns here is that Moorlach and many others act like this is somehow "Late Breaking" news.

Pat Desmond Streets opponent talked (but did'nt exploit) these accusations a year ago, The people Street alledgedly burned in Alabama have cried about it for years.

For Moorlach and others to now "react" is disingenuous at best.

We all pick losers sometimes and people we love heurt us. But usually it's not the guy in charge of Millions of dollars.

Dump Street and move on.


If Pat Desmond predicted the future about Street, does that mean he will be appointed Treasurer if Street needs to leave?

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