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August 18, 2007


Dan Chmielewski

"The last thing that I am want to do is to pass judgement on someone based solely on what is reported in the media. I have seen first hand how they can and do get basic facts wrong a lot of the time."

Physician, heal thyself. Or did yo forget your Mayor Newsome post awhile ago. If Street were a Democrat, you'd be all over this.

Its funny how this blog says the Register has been too harsh. Are you kidding me. The OCR has sugar coated this story and left Moorlach (the man who brought Street to County Government) alone. When the Register (and this blog) wants to get serious they can hit Moorlach with some tough questions about his accepting money from Streets wife for his campaign, then hiring Street in a sham recruitment process, and then endorsing Street for his current office when other politicians and police associations were stiff arming Street to keep them out of County government due to some serious ethics issues to say the least. Im sure there were other "issues" as to why Moorlach brought Street into Orange County. Either that or Moorlach is a cheap buy at $1,500.00.

Hey Jon how about you make a call to Moorlach for his explanations on his accepting money from Street's wife which was then followed by a job and endorsement for Streets entry into the County Hall of Administration. Lets not make Street the lone fall guy for some serious problems going on in the Hall of Administration. Every slave has a master.

Here is the generic letter Supervisor Bates is sending out to taxpayers who have expressed concern about Street and Moorlach:

Thank you for contacting my office to express your concerns regarding Orange County Treasurer Chriss Street .

The U.S. Attorney recently asked to take over the Orange County District Attorney's investigation into alleged past business practices conducted by Mr. Street . Though clearly serious in nature, it is important to remember this is an ongoing federal investigation – not an official indictment. Until the investigation has produced evidence to the contrary, the legal presumption of innocence must take precedent, and it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the merits of the case until all the facts have been collected.

As you know, the office of Treasurer is elected by the people of Orange County and not appointed by the Board of Supervisors. As such, Mr. Street ’s office renovation expenditures are not under the Board’s purview. However, please be assured that I and my fellow Supervisors are closely monitoring these issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office should you have further comments or questions.

Best regards,

Pat Bates

Supervisor, 5th District

Jon Fleischman

I appreciate that Red County has decided to support this system of 'anonymous' commenting on their site. That said, I REALLY discount anything someone says if they cannot publicly own up to it. Step up and own up!

Allan Bartlett

I sure hope the county hasn't invested in any CDOs(collateralized debt obligations). If they have any of this toxic sub prime stuff on their books, we could see 1994 all over again. No ones knows what the market value is for this stuff anymore and we know that the big brokerages i.e Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, etc have been peddling this stuff to all their clients.

Powder Blue Report

Hypocritical thermometer

Flieschman, You're the LAST person to be calling for anything from Chris Street.

When you hold Mike Carona to the same standards you try to impose on others THEN maybe you have standing to ask anything anybody to be held accountable for their actions. Until you call for a full investigation of the Sheriff's office for the multiple scandals he has brought to Orange County, you really need to shut your mouth and watch from the sidelines because you have ZERO credibility.

There has never been a DA investigation of Carona by Carona's buddy, Tony Rackaukus. I wonder if Mike Schoreder and his wife's record setting, super fast-track rise to the highest paid position within the DA's office, has anything to do with that? Everyone begs to know what does Carona have on Rackaukus - or better yet, what does Schroeder have on Rackaukus that prevents him from doing his job objectively regarding the Sheriff?


Fleishman has three standards:

1) For Republicans in the good graces of the GOP Blogger Caucus, a presumption of innocence and comments of silence(see Carona, Mike ; Moorlach, John; Miller, Gary, etc and numerous etc's).

2) For Republicans fallen from the graces of the GOP Blogger Caucus, a presumption of "Better make our reservations for the political execution" and comments of "We'll give you the opportunity to tell your story unvarnished that you don't beat your wife"(see Street, Chris; Maldanado, Abel).

3) For Democrats, a presumption of guilt(all of those traitors) and comments of "No prisoners"(See comments on any registered Democrat).

Jon not only east from both sides of his mouth he talks from each side as well. Like Moorlach you cant have it both ways Jon. By the way a soup sandwich looks horrible in a green uniform or any uniform for that matter. Have some pride and watch what you try to wear.

Hey Jonny boy. There are no anonymous comments here. These comments are tracked and documented. Most just save the trouble of registering to avoid more spam. Anytime you have to enter a code before you post a comment there is specific tracking. If you want to know who someone is just ask the Mr Red County. I dont think anyone would have a problem stepping up to you so dont get all puffy on us big boy.

Chriss Street

Of course this isn't Chriss but who would really know.

"That said, I REALLY discount anything someone says if they cannot publicly own up to it. Step up and own up!"

This blog was founded on anonominity. Who is Jubal?

Good post though so I'll give you that.

When I used to walk precincts, I remember some registered voters use to comment that all politicians, regardless of partisanship, act the same when in office. Of course, I would politely counter that I believe Republican office holders are more conscious that it's not their money, it’s the taxpayers.

Then, we have Senator Correa rejecting his per diem while every Republican is accepting theirs. WE have all of the OC supervisors and other local elected heads spend millions of dollars to upgrade their offices, while Correa brought his TV from home.

That’s just sad. I lost a great talking point.

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