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August 28, 2007


larry gilbert

I found it interesting this morning when GM Bernardino commented that there is a chance that one or more groups may "circle the wagons" in defense of Chris. He singled out the OCGOP or the Lincoln Club.

It's a breath of fresh air to read that Nick is now promoting biparisan cooperation when that was not the case in the Recalls of Nativo Lopez, Robert Citron or Gov Davis.

What support did the union provide in any of the above referenced Recalls?


Oh Larry. Nick is only promoting this thing to embarrass Moorlach for as long as possible.

Get in line

File this one behind the recall of Mike Carona. If the OC GOP recalls that scoundral, THEN it can get behind a Street recall. Until then, the OC GOP has zero credibility to after the Treasurer based on mere allegations at this point.


People are out of control when it comes to using the recall method as a political tool to undermine their opponents.

How many recall is currently in place right now in the OC: the Harkey, the Rocco one over at Orange Unified, the Martin one over at Anaheim city school, and now some union boss is going to ask us republicans to recall Chris Street?


I think the recall is so often used because you're seeing residents begin to challenge the old-boy insider game of OC Politics.

Street is a perfect example: Moorlach fixes it so he's the assistant treasurer, then lets him ride his coattails to office.

People are too smart and too tired of the same old game.

larry gilbert


While you may be able to get into Nick Bernardino's strategy meetings, I cannot.
Nor do I know his personal agenda as it relates to John Moorlach. He surely was asked about John at the Press Conference.

I stand by my post comments. Where were the G.M.'s outrages of the abuses by Nativo Lopez and Robert Citron? As the expression goes, "Silence is golden."

However, if the County union leadership truly wishes to have a bi-partisan effort to recall Chris Street, AND, will request similar support if one of their own abuses his or her authority, than this is a breath of fresh air.
For me, I will take a wait and see conservative approach.


That is a slippery slope argument. What do events from 13 and 6 years ago have to do with the current Treas/Tax Collector? You are not addressing any of the relevant issues with the current issues, only things that fit your agenda from the past.

larry gilbert

Anonymous 2:29 p.m.

Rather than debate OCEA policy and history, let's just take some time off on our debate. What I failed to include in my post was Nick's estimate that he expected to have feedback, or not, from the other named organizations within 10 days. At this point I plan to await the outcome of the BOS on John's recommnedation.

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