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August 07, 2007


Just curious

Lawerly Advice, I agree with Adam is the trigger man. Since we know the OCGOP with its current inept, self-serving leadership wont' do anything, isn't the County DA compelled to investigate the wrong doing of Probolsky in this case, if asked to do so?

It's so obvious Probolsky is the one behind the IE. There's got to be some sort of penalty or fine for this executive board member of the OCGOP. What do you suggest(Or any other lawyer out there familiar with campaign laws/disclosures)?

Just curious

By the way, great investigative reporting, Jubal!!!


OWK - absolutely but they could also ask the new treasurer who asked her to do the books as well. LOL...I doubt it would be an interrogation though. And yes Betty is the best and at least you all know if you hire her she keeps your stuff confidential! :-P


Bart - and they are censoring/not posting comments over at Art's blog, inhis absence. I have "posted" a few comments and none have gone up.

This whole IE thing really stinks to high heaven. Nick LeCong is a major player in this whole can of worms.

The investigators ought to give this "pay-to-play poster boy" a visit. This guy is a donor to an IE and a behind-the-scene string-puller in Janet Nguyen's campaign.

Art Pedroza


I am back and no, we are not censoring posts at the Orange Juice! blog. We moderate our posts, due to an insane local named Stanley Fiala. He likes to post long diatribes that make liberal use of the "F" word, so we have to moderate the posts in order to delete what he tries to put up.

The only posts we delete with any regularity are those that are personal attacks and those that go after our respective families, as well as those that use profanity.

It has been hard for my co-bloggers to keep up with post moderation in my absence. Also, apparently Claudio used a computer at a Kinkos and did not log out. A prankster deleted a number of posts for no reason.

All that aside, this information that Matt dug up is interesting. It does appear that something weird went on with this account. I also wonder how much Mr. Probolsky knows? Isn't he a blogger here at Red County? Maybe Matt can find a way to interview him.

I don't think however that the mailers funded by this account were the reason that Carlos Bustamante lost. He lost because he is lame. I said from the beginning that he would lose big, and he did. He will be lucky to be reelected to the SA City Council next year.

I realize that the OC GOP machine invested a lot of energy and money into hyping Carlos, but the guys is a stiff. He has no political future to speak of and the sooner the OC GOP figures that out, the better for them.

Just look at what happened while I was on vacation. Bustamante tried to pass an ordinance banning handbill delivery to SA residents. What a waste of time! He got slapped down by his peers on the Council and that was the end of that.

Bustamante would have been a totally disastrous Supervisor.


"It's so obvious Probolsky is the one behind the IE. There's got to be some sort of penalty or fine for this executive board member of the OCGOP."

Well, maybe there is. Looks like Adam P. is being appointed to the County Waste Management Commission!


"Bustamante tried to pass an ordinance banning handbill delivery to SA residents"


Bustamante was just being used by Pulido and City Attorney Fletcher to create a diversion that would allow them to pass the term limit measure that suits them.


Art - he could not have been much worse a supervisor then the one there have now....that being said he was not my horse in the race anyway. As far as your site....I made several comments and none of them appeared and I did not attack anyone personally nor did I use profanity.

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