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August 01, 2007


Been Around

Larry Dick has clearly stumbled. His campaign and fundraising efforts seem unfocused and one has to wonder whether he really has the old "fire in the belly." That being said, if he can get his campaign on track he should be able to be competitive - but this will be a tough race and he may not have the team in place to pull it off.


Jubal - the $100,000 laons is the magic number because that is the max a state candidate can loan to their campaign. :-)


That's right -- I'd forgotten. Anything over $100K is a donation.

Mike Spence

Stan Carroll is out. It was in a blog called the FlashReport.


Can you psot the link, Mike?



Curt has broad supports from S.B County to L.A County voters.....And Orange County voters will follow the current trend. I admire his hard campaign effort and his good Republican stance. We believe he is ready and willing to serve AD60 with good spirit. Win, Curt.

OC Native

FlashReport's Stan Carroll out of 60th AD race

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