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August 07, 2007


Preston L. Bannister

This is not "freedom of speech". This is giving money to politicians to get elected. Who gives $500 to help someone run for city government, and why?

Whether in the end a $500 limit is better than a $100 limit, this I cannot say. More money to generate political junk mail - typically full of dubious content - somehow seems less valuable than "freedom of speech".

Politics is already too full of "spin". Say what you mean. You think bigger limit on campaign contributions makes sense. Do not call it something else.


Au contraire.

Yes I do think bigger limits make more sense.

But I also think donating to the candidate of one's choice is the exercise of my 1st Amendment right of free speech. When you place limits on the amount I can give to help the candidates and causes of my choice, you are limiting my free speech.

You may not like this particular expression of free speech, and you are free to be suspicious of the motives behind many political donations. But when you start placing restrictions on those donations, you open the door to greater and greater government regulations of when and how we can conduct campaigns or speak out for and against candidates and issues we care about.

Indeed, that's already happened under McCain-Feingold. And it hasn't made government and politics any cleaner -- just less free.

my heroes

Dan Hansen in Huntington Beach and Denis Bilodeau in Orange are my hereos for increasing these limits.

Dan to 500.00
Denis to 1000.00

it shows they want freedom of speech, shame that one else on their councils brought this forward and made them carry all the water and political heat.

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