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July 28, 2007



seems like a light punishment for killing such an awesome guy in such a reckless manner

Phil Paule

I am sure this piece of human trash will get another chance to kill before she is locked up forever sometime after 2012.


The max was warranted. And then some. But the dirty little secret is that Ward got it because she killed a well known and all around great guy. Every day in California judges allow killers like Ward out on house arrest and they'll serve a year in their house if they don't have a prior DUI. And why is that? Because the GOP refuses to raise taxes for more prisons, the Dems aren't rushing forward to increase penalties for violent crimes and perhaps we need to take a look at whether some people in prison on non-violent crimes need some other form of punishment.

Jon Dumitru

Ms. Ward was sentence to the "Upper Term", not just because Steve as an "Elected" and a nice guy, But because she had killed previously (1993-Tina Rodriguez..mother of 4). Judge Stotler was allowed by the "Sandovall Case, to take into effect. Also, Judge Stotler,did see the merit in upper term, due to her continued conduct and her lacking of any real remorse.

The real shame is that she will be out of prison in 2010 with 1/2 time credit for good behavior.


Good point Jon and I want to revise and extend my remarks. She had the prior of which I should have mentioned but I wasnt aware of the continued conduct and lack of remorse. I do think the visibility of the victims and the spotlight you, Todd and others put on it ensured the judge did the right thing. but you're right, the key thing was the prior.

I agree its a shame she could get out in 2010. I also think its a shame that too many other killers get off with much lighter sentences.


this women is not human trash, I've sat with her on her bunk in orange county jail and held her hand one night when she cried with sincere remorse for her actions. people make mistakes, people lose their lives due to substance abuse problems, but people can change and hurt and have feelings from their actions. think about a time you made a mistake and felt horrible after?? maybe you didn't [kill] a politician... but still...

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