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July 02, 2007


John Lee

53 days delayed to report your illigal fundraising, bring you down as the below:

From OC Register:

June 29, 2007
Poll results: Janet v. Trung
In political campaigns, there are no unwritten rules. If it's not expressly prohibited, it's fair game. In recognition of that, Total Buzz congratulates Trung Nguyen for winning our poll -- and getting more than twice as many votes here as he got in the actual election. In losing, Janet Nguyen got nearly twice as many votes as she did on Feb. 6.

That February election for supervisor changed the way we think about central county elections. And this poll changes the way we here think about our fledgeling poll, designed strictly for entertainment purposes. We've decided to make it more challenging for a single person to vote hundreds or thousands of times. Stay tuned for Total Buzz Poll 2.0

-- Martin Wisckol

We are flattered that the Nguyens and their backers put so much effort into this.

The results as of 4:45 p..m.:

Trung Nguyen -- 25,696 (56%)
Janet Nguyen -- 19,908 (44%)

The results from the real election?

Trung -- 10,912
Janet -- 10,919
(These are the certified numbers -- a judge later determined that Janet won by just three votes.)

Total ballots cast in the Total Buzz Poll: 45,604
Total ballots counted in the Feb. 6 election: 45,946

Waz up wid dat?

Did you notice that when you hit the "endorsements" link on the Janet Nguyen web site (If you can't find it...just click on the Orage Juice Blog site to the right..it's a direct link:) it says under construction and there are NO names listed. That seems a little odd to me that that a woman who is a sitting Supervisor has no endorsments for re-election. That is NOT a good sign!

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