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July 11, 2007


One Who Knows

Tell us a little about Brian Problsky.

He has a very famous last name.

Adam D. Probolsky

Brian is a Laguna Niguel Parks and Recreation Commissioner. He is president of his home owners association. He is treasurer of the board of governors of the Saddleback College Foundation and he is the father of a the cutest smartest four-year old in Orange County.

Any kin of Adam Probolsky?

So is Brian Probolsky Adam's father or his son?

Any kin of Adam Probolsky?

I see now that he is his twin brother. Thanks.

Brian Thomas

I think Brian is Adam's love child

Oh boy

Oh boy
That why people called JN so armature in her job. Make one mistate after to others. Im feel very sorry for her.


I wonder if County Counsel will provide some sort of legal opinion allowing this to go through.

If so then Janet would have an excuse to go ahead and appoint one of her cronies to the HBP Commission.

There are so many good and qualified residents in the 1st District that Janet can appoint, how about Darrell Nolta?


Now why would any Supervisor appoint a person who actually knows and uses the parks when they can appoint political hacks whose job it is to ensure that developers are allowed to use park property to further their development projects.

Jon Fleischman

A couple of comments:

First on Brian. I have known Brian for many, many years and he would be an oustanding addition to the HBP Commission (joining Matt Cunningham). Brian is smart, savvy, conservative, and has a think for parks, beaches AND harbors (how convenient). What more could we want?

Now on this issue of appointments and districts. While it may not be required under county rules, but I would suggest that it is a great system to allow each of the Supervisors take the lead on the representatives from their respective districts.

I served for many years on commissions in my home town of Irvine and in our city, each commission has five members, one appointed by each Councilmember. This system works very well as it ensures that each elected councilmember has important input on each commission.

At the county level, I plan on holding my Supervisor (and his colleagues) accountable for what happens in county government. So I would just a soon that each of them had their own 'person' on each of these commissions.

Janet can make the case to Pat about why Pat should consider appointing someone else. But given Pat's outstanding nomination, I don't know how anyone else would be better than Brian.

Andy you are being a Brat!

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