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July 30, 2007



I heard the same thing. Probably true.

Your theory makes sense. I bet that dumb cop really believed the BOS was behind it too...Thought he had a brilliant plan. Ha!

Gustavo Arellano

If I remember correctly, JohnKen told their listeners that a cop called their show and spilled the info. Good speculation, regardless.


If you had listened to the tape (the 6:00 p.m. hour of the Wednesday show, available on the KFI web site), J/K just jumped to the conclusion that the BOS was responsible. The "Orange County law enforcement" employee never pointed to anywhere, just saying "some beancounter" did this.


J&K were very clear that the original call came from someone in law enforcement.

The World is Flat

I don't care who or where the source came from. The issue was exposed. The listeners didn't like the practice. They raised their voices and where heard. Now the problem is fixed.

The world is Flat

I mean WERE heard. Sorry.

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