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July 22, 2007



Yes, they do have a right to protest. I don't know what the protestors allege is true (I don't read Vietnamese) but it will be interesting, and instructive, to watch effete whiner ACLU question the bona fides of people who actually lived under an oppressive dictatorship and love the same America the ACLU so despises.


The publisher of Viet Weekly should learn the first lesson that the ACLU wouldn't involve in any private litigation. That means if there is no governmental agency's action there is no First Amendment issue. These normal people are exercising their First Amendment Right as the magazine does. They use their voices; the newspaper uses its paper.

BTW, who violated Mr. Le's First Amendment Right as he claimed to be?

Joseph McCarthy

Little Saigon Watch is Mark Leyes. These new Americans have learned quite well from me and my little black book. Nobody cares about VietWeekly. It was a fine Saturday for the beach for those of us who have a life. Who wants to hang out in Garden Grove on the weekends? The Strawberry Festival will not be until next May.

"Garden Grove residents might remember that Tan Nguyen also ran his political operation out of the same building as well in 2006."

J macharthy,
Little saigon watch is not mark Leyes. markLeyes lives in sacramento as the press liason for some government agency in state government. Mark Leyes would know that Tan Nguyen had his office down the street on the opposite side of the street in a completey different building.

Little saigon watch is Troung Diep. This is an obvious attempt to link Janet Nguyen with Tan Nguyen and Viet Weekly simply because her office is on the same street.

To Mr. Bornakowski

Let's not get so defensive already. If Leyes/Diep want to go after Janet on this, they would have point out the fact that she was no where near the protest yesterday or today despite the many media opportunities available to her had she showed up.

Janet was front and center during the protest against the President of Vietnam so it is very interesting to see that she is not getting involve in this anti-commie fight.

If Trung Nguyen is smart, he will remind people that Ho Van Xuan Nhi, a regular writer for Viet Weekly, was on Janet's campaign team during the special supervisorial election.

Mr Diep you should have the courage to post under your real name.

Little Saigon Watch

To 6:04 PM:

I was at the protest yesterday and tried to give readers a report of what took place in this post. Trung Nguyen, Dina Nguyen and Paul Lucas showed up. I didn't see Janet Nguyen or Diep.

As far as posting under a real name, I dont see you doing it. You leave comments on here a lot. Most of them are either defending Janet or attacking Tran and his buddies.

Van De VietWeekly 2


What Did It Say

That was an interesting video, I suppose. What was Van saying?

Prank Call - Vietnamese Commercial - Lance Krall


van was saying, "the commies are coming, the commies are coming. they tried to come in 2003 and we declare garden grove a free communist zone. now they want to come again. vote for me. i will save you."

Re To Mr. Bornakowski

Re To Mr. Bornakowski aka Mr Janet:
Thank you for the tip,

Ho Van Xuan Nhi was on Janet's campaign team.
Who the hell is Ho Van Xuan Nhi?

Lam Pho

Saigon watch may or may not be Truong Diep. Please help me out here, who is Truong Diep?

Also a request, I understand that some of you don't want to use your real names. But please at least use an alias, so if we want to refer to your post specifically; it will much easier if there is an alias attached to it.

Lam Pho

"If Trung Nguyen is smart, he will remind people that Ho Van Xuan Nhi, a regular writer for Viet Weekly, was on Janet's campaign team during the special supervisorial election."

No no no, if Trung Nguyen is smart, he would keep his mouth shut about this petty little protest against Viet Weekly. Anyone who's read my posts knows that I cannot stand Janet Nguyen. If I had to choose between Trung or Janet, I'd vote for Trung in a second. But if Trung makes a big deal over Viet Weekly, a paper most people don't even care about, then he does not deserve my vote. I'd rather vote for Janet or not vote at all.

Paul Lucas

Lam Pho,
Troung Diep is a staffer for Van Tran and a commissioner on the Midway City Sanitation District.

Paul Lucas

I have a question for the crowd here. Who is Nguyen Cao Ky and what did he do to be called a traitor? I think someone told me that he used to be a ARVN officer at one time but I did not get the whole story because the person's telling me the story English was limited. So if you could fill in the story I would appreciate it.

Lam Pho

Excellent Paul Lucas... Can't wait to hear the answer :)) I think the term used by Saigon Watch was "pro-communist".


As I recall, Nguyen Cao Ky was the Air Marshal and Vice-Premier of South Vietnam during the early 70's. He arrived in the US (the Pendleton Ten City) following the fall of Saigon in 1974. I believe he owned a liquor store in Westminster and has since retired.


Nguyen Cao Ky was prime minister and vice president of South Vietnam . He was also a general of The South Vietnamese Air Force . lived in exile In the US since 1975 . But since he returned to Vietnam in 2004 and began praising the Vietnamese commnunist government , he is really hated here now

To Paul

Many South Vietnamese patriots also consider Nguyen Cao Ky a traitor for abandoning his country in a time of need.

An expectation along the lines of the Captain needing to go down with the ship. While many Generals were trying to find a last-ditch effort to keep the Communists from invading their homeland, Ky was looking for the fastest path to the United States.

Paul Lucas

RE to Me:
Ok now I see where the traitor jacket comes from but why only Ky? A large number of high ranking South Vietnamese Politicians and Military leaders did the same thing.

Many saw the fall before others and got themselves and their families out of there and to the USA as early as 1974.

I know of at least one local elected Vietnamese official who came to the US in 1974 because his highly connected father knew the Fall was coming and got him out under the guise of finishing high school here.

But I digress. I was curious bout what Ky had done (which is still not specific)to be called a traitor. But I appreciate your help with the insight.

Lam Pho


I'm starting to like the way you think !!! Excuse my ignorance Paul, I'm not familiar with a lot political faces in the county, what is your currently political status? Have you ever or are currently in office?

Paul Lucas

Im a Commissioner in Garden Grove. Keep coming back you will learn more about me and the wide array of politicos here in OC. Get your popcorn ready it's action packed political theatre.

Lam Pho

Thanks Paul. Good to hear.

Another one who knows...

Amazing...my comments get removed, who is doing your "non free speech" blog editing?

United Vietnam

I feel sorry for the anti-communists. Someday the truth will come out and shock this whole nation.

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