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July 17, 2007


Gustavo Arellano

"Tasteless articles"...name names, anon!

Yes I guess we could all read the tasteless articles in Ngoi Viet if they printed it in English.

Lam Pho

So what exactly is wrong with half naked women? Perhaps you had problems with them being only HALF naked.

I love freedom in this country, that is why I must do all I can to shut down those who disagree with me, uuuhhhhhhhh. Protest protest protest, I love to protest. I love freedom, especially freedom of speech, but please, I need you to shut up or else... you know, protest protest.

Little Saigon Watch, are you Ken Nguyen? Just wondering.

Ask Lam Pho

Are you Nick LeCong or Andrew Nguyen ?

Ask Lam Pho again

Are you Andrew Do or Nick LeCong

Re Ask Lam Pho Again

Little Saigon Watch is Truong Diep.

Lam Pho is Phu Nguyen


Ironic that these protesters fled their homeland for Freedom of Speech. Now they want to shut down this newspapers. I don't like some of the articles they wrote but they were the one who wrote about Van Tran's wife insurance fraud conviction. I don't think they defended Tan Nguyen. They just presume Tan Nguyen is innocence until provent guilty. What is wrong with that?

Lam Pho

So Little Saigon Watch is Truong Diep, is that really true Little Saigon watch?

I am NOT Phu Nguyen, Andrew Do or Nick Lecong, but it's ok if you think that I am. I would love for someone to take the blames for my crazy posts. Just don't give them credit for any of my good ones.

Little Saigon Watch

Keep on guessing boys. If people can discover my identity that easily then I really couldn't "watch" over you guys anymore right?

Lam Pho

Anyway Little Saigon Watch, I hope you realize that the argument in your original post was very weak against Viet Weekly. I mean if that is all you got, there isn't much of a reason to protest. So what is the REAL reason??
This is where I stand. The last time I read Viet Weekly was years ago, and even back then I knew it was trash. But I did enjoy the fact that it stood up against norms. I didn't know the guy running it until recently when his picture was in the paper. He looked like a punk.
Bottom line, I don't care much for this paper. However, I believe it has the right to exists without being harrassed. I think it's an ultimate sin in a democracy to try to shut down a newspaper. Don't commumists do that?
So again... what is your real reason for wanting to shut it down?


I agreed with Lam Pho that Viet Weekly has the right to exists without being harrassed.

However its a conflict of rights Viet Weekly has its freedom of press and protesters their freedom to assemble....now in the OC the region is dominated by South Vietnamese who had fled and some people are very angered at the communists and react to communists ideals very severely. It is like the other Vietnamese protests about a decade ago. A man displayed a picture of Ho Chi Minh on his store and the South Vietnamese people of Southern California protested. Its a matter of when and where to put these things. The guy who had displayed that picture was in an area to cause a riot. its just when and where you do it.


Just buy one year subscription. Way to go Viet Weekly. Nghia

Trinity Nguyen

The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that a boss who makes sexually harassing speech cannot be imprisoned, but the FA does not prevent women from suing for sexual harassment and consequently suppressing sexually harassing speech.

The FA prevents racists from being jailed for their racist speech, but the FA does not prevent people from protesting and suppressing racist speech in mainstream communities. Neither does the FA prevent people from suing their supervisors for racist speech and consequently suppressing racist speech in the workplace.

The FA guarantees that the US government cannot shut down Viet Weekly or jail Viet Weekly writers, but the FA does not prevent people from protesting Viet Weekly for being a Viet Communist propaganda war machine or suing Viet Weekly for defamation or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The bottom line is free speech equals freedom from GOVERNMENT punishment of speech. Freedom of speech does not mean evil (i.e., communists, other mass murders) get to speak but those they victimize do not get to respond in whatever legally allowed manner they can. On the other hand, the Viet Communist GOVERMENT ruthlessly crushes speech by peaceful human rights activists in Vietnam.

It's obvious to me Viet Weekly has provoked this protest so they could speciously cry "freedom of speech" to try to discredit Viet American activists and distract the rest of Americans from what the VC government is doing in Vietnam. Therefore, if people are ignorant about what freedom of speech means they'll support Viet Weekly's evil work -- which is ultimately to suppress Viet American activists' speech. Don't be a tool for evil. Think.

ken vu

Trinity Nguyen's post is funny and stupid! If you take someone's freedom of speech as a provocation then that's your problem not theirs. So what? Idiot!

No longer fooled

Ken Vu, you don't make sense. Are you a Cong An writing from Vietnam?

Trinity Nguyen

Looks like Ken Vu is all hot and bothered by me exercising my freedom of speech and is resorting to the kind of asinine, childish attacks that Viet Weekly and Viet Communists practice. They can dish out things under the pretense of freedom of speech but they can’t take it.

Here's another example of the kind of dirty attacks Viet Weekly is engaging in:

The poet Nguyen Chi Thien (NCT) spent a total of 27 years in concentration camp in Ho Chi Minh's NORTH Vietnam starting in 1960. He was first imprisoned for "anti-propaganda" for stating Ho’s textbook is wrong in crediting the Soviet Union with defeating the Japanese in World War II. In North VN’s gulag he composed 400 poems about his experiences entirely in his head as he had no pen or paper. This kept him alive while his body wasted to 80 lbs.

Released briefly with other North Vietnamese political prisoners in 1977 to make room for political prisoners from defeated South Vietnam, NCT wrote down 400 of his poems. He then burst into a British embassy to give his manuscript to a British diplomat. His poems were eventually published and overseas Viet activists pressured for his release. NCT was finally released in 1991. In 1995 he came to the US as part of the Humanitarian Operation program.

NCT has been nominated for a Nobel prize in literature 3 times. He continues to tell his story to the world. Viet Weekly, however, has attempted to smear NCT by pretending to quote someone stating NCT is a communist. It has also charged NCT with teaching people to hate communists, among numerous other things, simply for speaking the horrific truth.

This defies human decency. It’s also a veiled attempt to silence NCT.

Doesn’t mean the US government should violate the First Amendment and shut down Viet Weekly. However, any American has a First Amendment right to object to Viet Weekly.

In fact, Viet Americans who are protesting are living up to their moral obligations as human beings to stand up to evil and evolve humanity. To me, these VA protesters are as heroic as civil rights activists, the Southern Poverty Law Center who bankrupted neo-nazi groups with lawsuits, and human rights activists around the world. Without the sacrifices of these individuals throughout history, humanity would still be in a much darker place.


Oh goodness, like what "No longer fooled" said, Ken Vu, you are a blind, blind child. I doubt you're Cong An (oh I killed the pun) because you sound like a Vietnamese American person in their late teens/early 20s. Which leads to a really high chance of your parents being refugees. And if your parents were refugees then...what you said would be ironic. And even if your parents weren't refugees, you're abnormal anyway. Trinity Nguyen, it would be so good to have you around. I mean, you're a melting pot of anti-communism/freedom of speech information.

To be on topic, it's good that the Vietnamese Americans are in protest about this. But are their children aware? Can anybody in America tell me the progress thus far?

VY Forums

If you yell "fire" in a packed movies theater, you'll be kicked out, or worse: jailed.

If you printed derogatory or defamatory materials, you could (most definitely) be sued.

If you published (considered) pornographic material (and circulated them among general public), you could be fined...

If you accepted money from Al Quaeda to published their propaganda, advocating or defending their cause/methods... people have all the rights to try to shut down your "operations", legally.

I am not saying all these scenarios applied to Viet Weekly.

Just a lame attempt to put a spin on the so-called (absolute) Freedom of Speech.


Ken Vu,
Calling someone "idiot" can't justified your point. It proved that you easily get mad by someone's opinion and you want to shut his/her mouth. Ironically, you provoke "freedom of speech" which caused so much painful and anger from Vietnamese community.


I don't care Viet Weekly is "pro-Commununist" or not. It's just a fake. That's all I know. I did read some of its article. Most of them are talking negative about anti-communist Vietnamese community in Orange County. It called that "Thong Tin Da Chieu" - "open multimedia".
To prove my statement: let log in Viet Weekly website and read for yourself. You will see most of the current articles favor itself. It rarely post the information that makes it looking "bad".
Just a fake!




Do all of the articles in that taloid inpire any new well educated thinking to the community and society?

Do all of the writers in that talloid demonstrate their well educated thinking in their manner?

If yes, no wonder.

If not, why wasting too much times to wonder?

Morpheus Nguyen

This is a report that is very revealing of Viet Weekly. Trinity Nguyen’s been exchanging reader comments with Viet Weekly people at the OC Register site for the article entitled “Community rallies against magazine's message.” VW had posted comments that their freedom of speech was being violated by the protesters. So TN posted comments along the line that free speech means the GOVERNMENT cannot punish political speech, but protest is a form of speech protected by the First Amendment, and can be used by the people to pressure government reform or such groups as neo-nazis out of mainstream communities.

After several days all of TN’s comments, as well as others, were deleted, leaving only one post that said: “HCM is the savior of the Vietnamese people.”

TN and others began to post many facts that counter that propaganda. For example:

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, the Very Venerable THICH QUANG DO, is still under house arrest after 32 years. Ven. Thich Quang Do is the deputy Buddhist monk leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of VN outlawed by the Viet Communists since they took over South VN.

HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, July 20, 2007: “Hundreds of farmers from more than a dozen provinces in Vietnam had been protesting government land seizures outside Ho Chi Minh City’s National Assembly building for almost a month. Police tore down the protestors’ banners and signs, and took away some of the protestors on buses, according to eyewitnesses.”

With the facts piling up against Viet Communists VW then tried to change course by saying that the protests have nothing to do with communism, but rather elections and advertising dollars. (Of course, they provide no evidence.) Then said the protesters look like “baboons.”

This prompted TN to post the story about how Viet Weekly is attacking the poet Nguyen Chi Thien (see above), a human rights activist who cares neither for office nor advertising dollars.

VW then tried to defame TN by asking: “received your welfare check yet?”

TN then asked VW what other dirty tricks do they have up their sleeves next now that their defamation tactic has been all used up, and their specious free speech argument and HCM have been shot down.

VW did not answer for 2 days. Then, as predicted, DELETED practically all postings unfavorable to Viet Communists and Viet Weekly. We reposted several comments and they were promptly deleted again. We reposted the comments today. Let's see what happens tonight.

Neo Nguyen

Summary of Congress’ VIETNAM HUMAN RIGHTS ACT OF 2007:

“Prohibits an increase in U.S. non-humanitarian assistance to Vietnam over FY2007 levels unless the President certifies to Congress that: (1) the government of Vietnam has made substantial progress on the release of political and religious prisoners, respecting religious freedoms and the rights of minorities, and respecting access to U.S. refugee programs; and (2) neither any government of Vietnam official nor entity was complicit in a severe form of trafficking in persons (or the government took appropriate steps to end it).”

There are only 2 million Viet Communists in a country of 85 million. To hold on to power they must continue to kill and rob the people in order to maintain a police state and propaganda machine.

VIET COMMUNISTS WITH NET WORTH OVER US$1 BILLION: Le Duc Anh (2.215 billion), Tran Duc Luong (2.1 billion), Phan Van Khai and son (2 billion), Nguyen Tien Dung (1.78 billion), Nguyen Van An (1.7 billion), Le Kha Phieu (1.43 billion), Nguyen Mach Cam (1.35 billion), Vo Van Kiet (1.15 billion), Nong Duc Manh (1.143 billion), Pham The Duyet (1.773 billion), Do Muoi (1.9 billion), Nguyen Tien Dung (1.78 billion).

VIET COMMUNISTS WITH NET WORTH BETWEEN US$900 MILLION AND US$500 MILLION: Tran Ngoc Lieng, Hoang Xuan Sinh, Ly Ngoc Minh, Nguyen Dinh Ngo, Vo Thi Thang, Ma Ha Thong, Nguyen Duc Trieu, Tran Van Quang, Nguyen Duc Binh, Vuong Dinh Ai, Hoang Thai, Nguyen Thi Nu.


What is the average salary of a Viet worker? Is it US$50 per month?

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