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July 21, 2007


Green Machine

A political opportunist attempts to take retirement benefits away from cops to bolster his political ambitions and you ask about the Human Side. Nobody cares Jon, Nobody cares....how sad.

cold as ice

and your reasoning to move from DB to DC?

save money? no
better benefits? no

but it would create a rift in the ranks, and
it would costs tons of tax payer dollars for a long time to come to keep two completely different systems afloat, just how would you pay for all the current DB agreements, since you would be eliminating their income stream? would you be willing to float a 100 year tax to cover it? Or a huge billions dollar bond?

What actually would be the savings of moving to a DC plan be? figures? numbers?

The last local government who tried your idea, over turned the idea so quick it would make you head spin, and the reason they overturned it? it did not work

is it to save OC from bankruptcy? no, and just where is that bankruptcy? wasn't it supposed to be here by now? wasn't the retirement fund supposed to go nuclear already? wasn't it supposed to go belly up and needs large infusions of tax payer cash already? just what is it status? is it broke? is it going broke? is it unable to pay it's debts? just what is the status of the system? why are we hearing, seeing, getting more dire reports on it? isn't it in deep, deep, deep trouble?

http://ocers.org/financialinformation/financialinformation.htm just taking a glancing look at the reports they are doing very well -- shame on them -- shame

could it be a propaganda tool to focus attention away from actual work needed to be done by the BOS? yes

roads are boring, parks have limited appeal, helping indigents goes no where, and actually doing daily work is just so blasé

if you really want to make a change, then why don't you look into actions that can really make an improvement in the quality of life?

like real transportation planning

like real health care reforms

like streamlining regulatory processes and procedures

like reducing government, and yes that could mean fewer employees, IF you can maintain services, safety, and quality of life, but to reduce employees to save 'money' means someone dies what have you gained?

like actually making local government work, instead of accepting it's shortcomings and looking the other way by way of dredging up items that have no concrete bearing on the quality of life, but have great 'conversation' appeal

if all the energy wasted in attacking the resources, which county employees are, went into working with them towards a livable future, wonder where you would be?

because all the county employees would love to live where they work, but so many cannot afford to do so, on their 'astronomical' salaries with their 'gargantuan' benefits'

but it will not happen because it is not good press to discuss going forward, doing good, making progress -- the only thing that press loves is sex, drugs, debauchery, failure, catrosphe,and the bigger the catrosphe the better to report it, and if they can throw in money and sex even better, and don't forget the photo op

There used to be a time when the press reported news that was made, now it makes news to report

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