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July 26, 2007


Nice Truck Spam

Nice Truck Spam!

Phil Paule


When I was in high school, my parents made me drive a Pinto- I think this is the cause of many of my anger issues. Do you think Ford would reach an out of court settlement for me on the mental damaged caused by be seen in a Pinto in 1980.


Phil Paule


For you, maybe. But blaming your parents for your anger issues? Hmmm...I'm not buying it.


Allan Bartlett

Phil with a Pinto. I need to see a picture of this now. We're your parents trying to punish you?

Dave Zenger

Phil - we had a Pinto, too; and only a Pinto. Soooooo embarrassing! I'm with you on the anger issue thing. How about a class action suit?

Karl Rove

Thats OK Phil, I had to drive a 1964 Falcon when I was in high school. Now that will certainly warp someone's mind.

Love is in the air

If Allan Bartlett and Phil can become friends post Gilchrist v. Campbell, maybe there is hope for Phil and Karl post Blais v. Miller?

try being a girl with a '72 gran torino in 1992. You people don't know angry.

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