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July 15, 2007



the solution for OC and San Diego seems obvious:

An airport at Las Pulgas Road.

The planes could take off over the ocean, like at LAX. There is a gap in the inland hills that the incoming planes could use --- albeit carefully.

The mass transit lines are already in place, so the "trains not cars" crowd can be brought on board cheaply. As some one who uses the El to get from O'hare to downtown Chicago, I actually think a train *into* the airport is great ideas, but I'd make sure the airport had a good free way interchange to keep Jubal happy 8)

But wait, keen observers cry, the marines would *never* allow an airport *on* Pendleton.

To which I say, "why not?" Honolulu International is actually part of a Naval Air Station. If the Navy can share Pearl Harbor, then the Marines can share Pendleton. In time of national emergency they'd get it back, complete with facilities to deploy personnel direct from Pendleton.

What's not to like?

We need more airport capacity! Whaaaaaa!!!

The Marines gave up 4700 acres at El Toro a few years ago, and the airport was already built! Pendleton would have to be built entirely from scratch.How much would that costs?

So you blew your chance for a free gift from the federal government. You just got more sprawl. NIMBYs will just have to live with the consequences of their actions! Don't expect the USMC to bail you out of your short sighted myopia!


I really hate to spoil a great fantasy with an actual fact, but

the airport was already built

is wrong. The Marine runaways weren't thick enough for commercial traffic. The WWII vintage runways were going to be torn up in any of the scenarios considered. You can see this if you look at the various preliminary plans submitted for the aiport: the runways are in different places.

And BTW, and I thought it was "our" federal government, which existed to serve we citizens. How can something that is already ours be a "free gift"? From whom?

Pendleton International? Fuggedaboutit!

The airport could have been used on an interim basis with upgrades as it grows. At Norton AFB in San Bernardino, it needed to have their runway redone. yet, the NIMBYS said go Norton et al in the Inland Empire. There were no concern about Norton's runway. So any concern about runway conditions at El Toro are completely disingenuous.

There was also hangars, fuel lines, runway lights. etc. an Amtrak station, lots of freeway access and so forth at El Toro. How much would it cost to duplicate all this at Camp Pendleton? Also, Pendleton has fog fairly often. How would this be mitigated?

The Marines already gave OC a chance for a free airport. Why should they give up even more land to build an airport for NIMBYs?
Put national security aside to accomodate the myopic masses. Yeah Right!

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