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July 23, 2007


H. Roark

Imagine all the happy operatives. Their sub-prime loans were soon to call.

One Who Knows

Expect about a 30% turnout for the June 2008 election.

That means the candidate with best G-O-T-V effort wins by a landslide.

Can anyone beat Mimi's ground game? I doubt it.

Money is important in any campaign, but a huge direct mail budget is just a ploy to enrich the direct mail consultants. Radio & cable TV would be a complete waste. Same with signs of any kind.

So...Henry's deep pockets won't help at all.

Not in a low-turnout election where one candidate (Mimi) is the overwhelming choice of those who usually vote in every election.

Don't rule out the Burger King!!!

Don't rule Harry out just yet. He is an agressive candidate with a great message. He is also a proven taxpayer advocate.

Jiminy Cricket

Harry is an empty suit, which shows in how he's handled the Disney-Suncal fight. he's been on both sides of the issue and will end up angering everyone in his hometown off by the time its over.


Don't rule Harry out - you've got that correct. Harry's record is proven and solid. He has looked out for the taxpayers of Anaheim and will be a strong, independent voice for the 33rd District. We need more electeds like him. Go Harry!

Not so  fast...

$500k-no loan- is a good chunk of change for Mimi, but didn't she have over a year to raise that?

Harry reportedly raising $300k-$400k since March though is extremely impressive. This race is wide open.


The debate over these fundraising numbers is pointless. Everyone knows that Mimi can write her own ticket to this seat and that Harry is an opposition researcher's dream.

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