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July 17, 2007


Carona can't be trusted

Wow, the crows are coming home to roost for Carona! Good, I say. The man has proven himself untrustworthy for a long time and now even more law enforcement officials are restricting contact with him and denying him access to info. Of course, it's always fun to read the spin and downplay from the Sheriff's Dept. It's "never" Carona's fault... - LOL!

This simply adds fuel to fire that we need a Citizens Oversight Panel for Carona. The sooner the better!!!

re Carona can't be trusted

What an embarrassment for the voters of Orange County. Our own Sheriff denied access to law enforcement information for fear he will share it with his dubious friends on the other side of the law. I agree with the first poster, WE NEED A CITIZENS OVERSIGHT PANEL FOR THIS GUY ASAP!!!

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