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July 13, 2007


Gustavo Arellano

Jubal: I hope the misuse of caps in the Latino support for strikers story was intentional, 'cause it would be genius! If not, you did a typo.


I wish I could say it was -- but alas, it's just a typo.



As a Mexican maybe you'll know why Mexican groups are supporting the drivers, few of whom are actually Mexican, over the screwed passengers, most of whom are Mexican.

You'd think the Mexican leaders would stand up and call the drivers out as the greedy bastards they are.

Len Kranser

You missed Frank Mickadeit "taking shots at the balloon" in the OC Register. He writes: You didn't think I'd like it, did you?

What real value does the balloon bring the city of Irvine and its taxpayers? Oh, it promotes the park? What park? There is no park.

John Henry Holliday

Mr. Jubal:

Interesting DP article regarding Newport Harbor. Any thoughts as to why Moorlach did not-would not-could not-wimp out, and attend?


Hats off to Henry Nicholas for the most innovative negotiating strategy I've seen in years:

Putting ectasy, an empathogen, in the other side's drink.

It must scads easier to get someone to agree to all sort of niggling details when they just feel so *good* about you.

Utterly evil, but brilliant!

Maybe Chuck should try this trick in Sacramento 8)

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