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July 07, 2007


Len Kranser

Re: Soaring costs at JWA:

The largest part of the JWA expansion project will be paid for by a user fee not mentioned in the Register article. A $4.50 Passenger Facility Fee that has been tacked onto each JWA ticket since last July.

Travelers are paying to build a new 300,000 square foot terminal, six more airline departure gates and approximately 2,500 additional parking spaces.

In private industry, no expansion of that size would be undertaken without a clear analysis as to what it can produce in added output. In this case, too few questions are being asked and no answers being provided. No one - neither county officials nor the newspaper - is publicly commenting on how much capacity is being created by this half-billion dollar physical expansion and to what extent it will be utilized to provide additional flights and service to more destinations.

Currently, the airport is restricted as to how many passengers can use it by an agreement between the county and Newport Beach. The city is seeking to retain the limits to protect its residents from unwelcome noise. If county supervisors agree to limit use of the airport - for the benefit of those who live under its flight path - this is understandable public policy. But then, why spend all that money on a major airport expansion?

Thanks for the laugh!

Why if it isn't Mr. Kranser whining about the lack of additional airport capacity. Real funny coming from him. Considering he was the lead cheerleader to block ANY amount of capacity from El Toro!

Mr. Kranser you worked non-stop to limit travel options within Orange County. So you are you just going to have to live with the consequences and take responsibility for your actions.

Len Kranser

It seems nearly impossible to say anything about air transportation without someone - usually from Newport Beach - namecalling and taking personal pot shots.

The question I posed is why spend a half-billion dollars on expanding JWA if there is no plan to use the capacity.


LOL Orange County's biggest NIMBY has the nerve to criticize others. Len the $ should not be spent and the capacity should not be increased. And guess what, no one that lives in it's flight path cares what you have to say about it.

There you go again!

Len, always having to bash Newport Beach. You got worked when you to went to the Daily Pilot site to go rub their faces in it. And you act surprised!

The bizarre thing is you live in prestigious Monarch Beach. Yet claimed Newport Beach wealthy special interests were pushing El Toro. LOL!

BTW, they already are handling plenty of flights in their backyard. HOW MUCH are you doing??? Oh NONE that is!
So how does this make you an air transportation "expert" that you pose as?

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