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July 20, 2007


Mark Brainard

Norby, Moorlach--YES
Bates, Campbell, Nguyen--NO

Tom Tucker

Applaud the foresight and courage of Supervisor Moorlach! Bravo!!!


Ear to the Ground

Every true fiscal conservative will vote yes.

Every mere politician will vote no.

cold as ice

it will be placed on hold until a yet to be unknown meeting date

reasoning will be that until getting a real legal opinion from a court making change could cost more than paying until it is decided and to bypass any kind of counter suits that would be brought about if a change is made wihtout a court decree

so 3-2 to hold for another board in the future

Janet Can't

If Janet votes against the Cops, politicaly speaking, she might as well take a ride up on that big Irvine balloon and jump out because they will be all over her when she runs for re-election and the Lincoln Club and the O.C. GOP won't do squat for her if she goes with Moorlock.

Allan Bartlett

3 to 2. My union apologist Supervisor(Campbell) and Nguyen will vote No and Moorlach, Bates & Norby will vote yes.

Art Pedroza

A 5-0 vote makes sense to me.


Unfortunately, I see this losing 2-3 and here is why.

Nguyen barely was elected by the skin of her teeth, and would NOT want to face a tough rematch with the unions I.E.s against her.

Campbell by voting yes would have to admit he made a mistake and he was wrong. Forget that. Plus the AOCSD has rewarded him nicely. Campbell is pure RINO!

Bates got lots of I.E's on her behalf. So there is no way she will bite the hand that feeds her. Lest she get another nasty rematch with Cassie Deyoung who would have lots of $$$ on her side from AOCSD.

These 3 mentioned are self serving politicians who will not jeopardize their political careers. As for the taxpayers, we are all taking it in the shorts!


I believe Nostradamus and Mark Brainard (and now I) have it right. But my guess is a final vote won't occur on the 31st - not until the winners stall a while and find a way to put a conservative spin on it (as in "this is a vote of support for public safety," etc.).

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