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July 28, 2007


Carona's contribution

I wonder how much of that total can be atributed to Sheriff Carona and his antics?
He's probably the single greatest liability to the taxpayers of Orange County. We know for sure we can rightfully count on a multi-million dollar settlement for the lawsuit brought forth by Lt. Bill Hunt for wrongful termination.


This can best be described as Maloney's Phony- baloney. The report acknowledges "there are legitimate claims against city and county governments," and yet lumps all lawsuits against city and county governments together when tabbing the costs. And takes some wacky claims as examples without establishing either 1) they ever were even filed as a suit to factor in any defense costs and b) whether the city or counties ever paid any money on the frivilous claims.

This is typical of interest groups who start with a premise and then doctor the facts to try and grab some blog space. Calling this misleading is being charitable.

A reminder for those out there who think city and county governments are sitting ducks(and a fact this phony-baloney report doesn't mention): California has a law that allows public entities to go after people who file frivilous suits. The law allows governments who win a dismissal on the merits to file a request for costs AND attorneys fees if the case was not meritorious. If there are frivilous suits out there, Maloney's group should be encouraging citizens to ask their elected officials why they are not aggressively pursuing this remedy against frivilous litigants. And maybe asking about the legitimate claims and what the government entity can do to reduce legal costs.

Excellent retort Blade Runner.

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