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July 05, 2007


Joe Shaw

Absolutely right on, Matt.

Joe Carchio put together a good proposal, my only fault with it is it didn't go far enough.

Our home remodeling fees are outrageous and they need to be greatly reduced.

One thing I will say for the council: they are generally a fiscally conservative bunch, every one of them. They tend to err on the side of keeping their budget balanced, which means they are loathe to reduce revenue.

I say offset the loss of revenue with cuts somewhere else.

Chip Ahlswede

When Curt Pringle championed this effort a few years back in Anaheim, it garnered a huge surge in home repairs and remodels. This improved the quality of the housing stock, and increased business opportunities for contractors in town. The results were tremendous.

Now we face a shifting housing market where the one thing that will separate one property from another is the quality and updated features that it has. Property owners, and sellers will be able to meet the demands of the market by easily updating their properties with a streamlined process. Buyers will also be benefited because they will be able to update homes they buy which will further add value to their property.

Mayor Cavecche and the Orange city council have taken a major step towards helping to preserve property values in Orange, and should be commended. Their efforts will be rewarded as revenues from increased property taxes continue to stream in to the city in upcoming years.

... and then they won't need to make any "cuts" in services...


Chips point is well taken...Anaheim led the way on this. it will be a net plus not only in terms of dollars in the long run but in neighborhood improvement and making sure the city is aware of improvements in the short run.

Huntington missed an opportunity which orange seized.

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