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July 12, 2007


What's your point?



Len's trying to justify all the half-truths, downright lies, contorted facts and doctored photos used on his website for years which justified stealing the El Toro site from we US Citizens who owned it for the City of Irvine and the Great Park which hasn't found a way to steal the money to build it yet.


Len, I've always been curious - what happens if JWA reaches its 10.8 million passenger cap on December 17? Does it close for the rest of the year, or what?

Len Kranser

Jim, what a pleasure to see a post that isn't in the hostile personal attack tone of Detector above and his alter egos or cronies. Here's your answer.

First of all, the airport operates on a "plan year" that runs from April 1 to March 31, not a calendar year. In any case, if it looks like the airport could hit 10.8 MAP by the end of the year, the airport director begins well ahead of time withdrawing some of the seat allocations authorized to the various airlines.

I recall one year seeing a sign at a check in counter that said "No standbyes accepted today because of airport noise restrictions." I assume that the airline was trying to scale back its load factor to keep within its allocation of seats.

If this plan year continues to show large numbers, I would expect to see the county reduce the number of seats it allows the carriers to fly. They try to keep comfortably under the MAP cap.

BS Detector

You must be loving the power you have Len -- causing revenue loss to a market segment that can barely afford it. How much more noise do those standbys cause? Enough to drown you out? How much inconvenience does this nonsense cause people? Are you proud of that? What do you do in your spare time? That great park balloon ought to have your smug self-absorbed mug on it in thanks for all the business you've sent to LAX, congestion you've caused and the enviromental impact you've created -- how do your noise figures compare to the extra racket you've created along the 405?


Sigh. BSD - these standbys do not cause noise.

However the cap on the number of passengers is aimed to keep all over noise at the agreed level.

Therefore, when the airlines declares that it does not accept standbys, it means that it has to keep total passengers below the cap.

Ho hum same old song and dance.

Len and Hanna,

stop worrying about how much money is spent on JWA or how much capacity it has. If a lack of seats are a real concern for you, then step up to the plate with El Toro rather than being NIMBYs.

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