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July 08, 2007



You really should use black marker; those X's barely hide the name, and you should definitely cross out "The Honorable" because that phrase narrows it down to elected officials.

I heard this evening from a reliable source that this letter was "lifted" from the person to whom it was sent and was not intended to be blasted on a blog. But since the non-supporters of Janet Nguyen have no compunction about what they "lift" and what they do with what they "lift" nor do they have any compunction about condeming fellow republicans this is not unexpected. But, a trashy move just the same. Pun intended.

Marsh & Bustamonte say it hurts so good again!

Why wouldn't Marsh and Bustamonte have endorsed Janet already unless they are heading back to the election wood shed for another political spanking? Not that their endorsement means much in this election other than sending a message that they will not run again. Maybe Carlos thinks Claudia will be nice to him in council meetings if if doesn't endorse against Alvarez. Marsh seems to like losing and I wouldn't be surprised to see him put on his kilt and head on down to South Grand and file again to run. Important message for Scot Baugh and the Lincoln Club PAC: Now is the time to clear the field...NOT a week before the close of filing!

That Andy Quach and Tri Ta endorsed Trung Nguyen does not mean they cannot offer endorsement of Janet Nguyen. Trung has exhibited very unsportsmanlike conduct following the recount and should be see for what he is. The Van Tran machine is apparently still taking aim at fellow republican Janet; but they should lay down their arms and get it together. They are tearing the Vietnamese Republican contingent apart by their own actions and they will only lose by doing that. The Vietnamese still remember the oppression of Vietnam and to receive still this kind of treatment in America is a bad sign of thuggery unrepentant with an implied promise of more retribution if you don't go the Van way.

Lighten up, get over it, support Janet and you will only increase your own viability.

At this juncture they are only injuring themselves by continuing this.

I highly doubt your parajito who informed you it was "lifted" is true. Anyway the letter was sent out to many so it was certainly not intended to be a secret.

I find it funny that in the letter she says she is proud of her many accomplishments since her election. What are they exactly??? Ummm lets see, she accepted illegal donations, redecorated her office, appointed a non district appointee to one of her boards....ohhh she must be referring to her fabulous food and fire safety community meeting. Or maybe she is bragging about appointing Art to a commission lol.

John Lee

Please help Janet, and Her "boat" is sinking now. She needs help please.... please...

Again, you demean a woman who has been legally voted into office. At least half of the Vietnamese community probably voted for her. Are you risking alienating yourselves not only from the non-Asian Community, but from the Vietnamese community for your lack of political correctness and politeness or are you just too taken with the moment to understand the jeopardy in which you place your own aspirations ?

Common Sense

Janet ONLY "Won" due to a crowded field. She won't be so lucky next time.

I'm sure your dire warnings frighten some as you mean to do. However perhaps you have underestimated the entire voter populous and are only counting on what you know in your own field of vision. Underestimation can lead to your own failure. It is interesting to note the common threat of non-Janet supporters and how it all leads back to a single source that is rapidly losing the reputation once held and is now being viewed as vengeful and thuggish.

You need to reverse your thrusters as distateful as that may seem to you. Remember this is the American way and you are in America where fairness and kindness and politeness plays out much better than thugs and threats.

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