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July 12, 2007


Paul Lucas

OWK I never asserted that. Im merlery saying that as a commissioner (not an elected position) he should to be careful about criticism towards his fellow commissioners.

Cross posted from OCBlog.net.post:

Supervisor Janet Nguyen continues to dedicate much of her time to different organizations throughout the County. She is currently a Board Member for the Center For a Brand New Day. She is also a member of Soroptimist International of Garden Grove. She had previously served as a Board Member for the Garden Grove Hospital, an Associate Member of the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Association, a Board Member of the Grove Theatre Center, and a Board Member for Senior Meals on Wheels.

Supervisor Janet Nguyen has been recognized by the Asian Pacific American Legislative Staff Association for the distinction of being first Vietnamese-American to hold the position of District Director in a state or federal legislator's office. She was awarded the We Give Thanks 2004 Women of Vision Award, which recognizes outstanding women who have provided exceptional services to the community. In addition, the Orange County Register has listed her as one of the "30 Vietnamese Americans To Watch” and she was named one of OC Metro Magazine 2006’s “25 Hottest” People in Orange County.

Born in Saigon, Vietnam. Supervisor Janet Nguyen and her family escaped their homeland on a small wooden 10-meter boat sailing across the South China Sea in search of freedom. After passing through numerous refugee camps, Supervisor Nguyen and her family arrived in California in 1981. She is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. A strong supporter of education, Supervisor Nguyen has taught Princeton Review preparatory courses to students preparing to take the Law Student Admission Test (LSAT).



I didn't criticize any current or potential commissioners. On the contrary.

Paul Lucas

I know you didnt Matt. I was merley making a point about the issue with Just Asking.

Lam Pho

"Born in Saigon, Vietnam. Supervisor Janet Nguyen and her family escaped their homeland on a small wooden 10-meter boat sailing across the South China Sea in search of freedom. After passing through numerous refugee camps, Supervisor Nguyen and her family arrived in California in 1981"

and twenty years later, she's among the loudest politicians to bash Hispanics on anti immigration issues. Isn't that great, maybe Trung can photoshop Janet next to the that commie Tan Nguyen. They'd work well together.

Westminer Watcher

Maybe City of Westminster Councilmember Kermit Marsh's suggestion for a 1st District representative to the County’s Harbors, Beaches, and Parks Commission would be Sergio Contreras, who was appointed by his Westminster City Council to serve on their Planning Commission--even though he was already an elected trustee of the Westminster School District, a clear contradiction to a 1997 Attorney General's opinion that one can't serve in both capacities as it would create an "incompatible office." See page 116 of this link, http://ag.ca.gov/publications/coi_2004.pdf, which describes the kinds of offices determined as "incompatible" by the AG.

I am confident Councilmember Marsh, who, as an attorney (and receiving quality advice from his City Attorney), must believe the City could defend itself against any challenge to the Contreras appointment by citing some compelling case law which would protect it. Absent that, it makes little sense to blatantly run contrary to a decade old AG determination.

Or, maybe Councilmember Marsh's suggestion would be Allan Krippner for the HBP job. After all, he was Marsh's choice for the Planning Commission, even though he is an elected official on the Midway City Sanitary District Board of Directors. While not specifically cited by the Attorney General as a “conflict of interest”, there are some close ones that haven't passed the test. I hope, for Westminster’s sake, a decision by the Planning Commission where trash pick up at a proposed development is involved doesn't hinge on the vote of Planning Commissioner/Director Krippner (or, rather, Director/Planning Commissioner Krippner, you choose).

With the aforementioned, I find it an odd response from Councilmember Marsh, that he could "think of several" 1st District residents who could serve on the HBP Commission. Unless he is discussing non-Westminster residents, it seems the Westminster City Council is hard pressed to find members of their community that aren't already serving on other boards, and appoints these individuals to city commissions in the face of these offices already being deemed "incompatible" by the State’s top cop.

Though the January 24, 2007, minutes of the Westminster City Council (where both Krippner and Contreras were appointed to the Planning Commission) don't provide us any flavor of the rational behind their selections, Mayor Marjorie Rice was the lone "no vote.” Absent any captured public statement by Mayor Rice on her reasoned vote, we could give her the benefit of the doubt that she thought it was dangerous to do something so blatantly contradictory to established good government.

Yet, then again, her own elected positions may prove “incompatible”, as Mayor Rice serves with Allan Krippner as an elected Director of the Midway City Sanitary District. However, Mayor/Director Rice is likely safe until someone formally challenges that potential conflict of interest. The previously referenced website states the following: “When a person holds offices with two governmental entities and there is overlapping geographical and subject matter jurisdiction the offices are generally incompatible.”

Since sanitation services are generally involved in every proposed land use development, and City Councils vote on development proposals, someone may be able to prove a claim that Director/Mayor Rice cannot pass the incompatibility test.

To Westminster Watcher: However valid your concerns may be (and I believe there are truly some valid concerns here with the same people serving on all these boards and committees/commissions) with regard to Mayor Rice serving both on the City Council and on the Midway City Sanitary District; you must not have been watching Westminster since 1973. Because, in 1973, Legislator Ken Cory proposed and passed a bill which permitted his then friend who was serving on the City Council; which would circumvent this particular law and allow a City Council member to also serve on the Sanitary District. You can look that up for yourself, but it's there, and it's a true story....believe me, I know.

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