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July 12, 2007




I don't pretend to understand how HBP Commission works, but it is not normal for sitting members to publicly comment on appointee's.

This is sometimes formal in bylaws/guidlines for some commissions but just good practice for all. You may be seated next to, or need support from the very people you are commenting about. Whether positive or negative it would seem to impact the impartiality of items that may come before your body. I'm not talking just about this post which is basically reporting, but some of the previous posts seem to cross the line.

My little brain thinks this might cause the commission some problems.



You certainly seem to have gone into the business of telling me what I can and cannot post about.

Any other subjects you want to place off limits for me?

John Henry Holliday

How ‘bout not being factual and accurate?

John Henry Holliday

How ‘bout the John Moorlach Marching and Chowder Society?


Ah - the guy who thinks being factual and accurate means hating John Moorlach.

Matt Harper, Tim Shaw, and the gang can't advise and help her. I don't know who can. Unless she is so blinded and hardheaded. Another day in the Supervisor's office.

Right under her nose

What's real funny about this particular appointment is she's listening to the wrong people as usual (Art Pedorza). If Janet knew anything about Santa Ana, she would know that Tim Whitacre just finished serving 8 years on the Parks & Rec Board there. He also has served as President for a Parks & Rec non-profit for many years as well. And, get this, he actually lives in the 1st! Go figure. Sounds like Janet has allowed the wrong people to cozy up to her, or vice a versa.

Turn her back to her community

I hope that Janet learned from this mistake. But she going to make another mistake again.

Let me tell you why.

She was elected majority Vietnamese voters. But, look at the way she selected her commissioners. Not people in her district, not people who voted for her.

Last, she turn her back to her community.

Poster at 4:00PM you were reading my mind.
However, I don't know whether Tim would be warm to the idea or not. I kinda think not.

Si Se Puede!

I hope she picks someone of color who refects the community.

re Turn her back to her community

Her logic is her people can't speak English; therefore, no one is qualified to be a commissioner. After all, no one in the 1st District is qualified except Art.


Si Se Puede: I find your viewpoint disturbing. By that logic, only whites should be considered for appointments in districts like the third or fifth. I hope our supervisors are choosing the best individiuals available, without regard to race.

Si Se Puede!

Dear Mr./Ms. Rifleshot, What is disturbing is the way people of color have been left off of county boards. I too hope a qualified person is found and I believe a person who reflects the community would be a wise choice for Ms. Nguyen.

No Bueno

Si Se Puede,

Last time I checked, white is a color too...
Regardless, it's the gray matter inside the head that counts. What you are proposing is quota hiring for your "kind" and that is simply racist.

I want to see the best qualified with the most experience placed on specific boards and commissions - regardless of sex or race. Otherwise, the public/taxpayers are poorly served.

The good news for you is there's a place real close to here that uses the hiring practices you propose and you can move to; it's called 'Mexico.' We can all see how "successful" it is down there, right?. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see anybody sneaking across the Mexican border for better opportunites for their families over there. Sorry Señor, but what you propose is NO BUENO, NO SIRVE, NO ESTA BIEN.

Si Es Bueno!

What's wrong with finding a qualified person of color if it might encourage the community to get more involved? We have tried nearly all Anglo boards for 100 years or so...let's try something else for the next 100 years and see how it goes.


When SunCal pays me to watch what you are posting and it becomes a business I'll make sure you are the first to know.

I do believe if we are going to hold elected and appointee's to some standard of ethics, even we should try to meet those standards.

As a commisioner you are no longer an outsider, you are a part of the body that is now held to a higher standard than us plain old bloggers.

Xinh Xinh

Dont attack Jubal because he is shining some much needed light and wisdom on Janet and her operation.

I'm sure Jubal would do the same thing if Chris Norby was trying to appoint Allan Bartlett, an Irvine resident, to the HBP Commission.

No one is to be blamed for this negative publicity but Janet herself.

Ling Ling

I agree with Xinh Xinh and I think Si Es Bueno no es bueno. Say what you want about the Anglo, but before he got here to California, it was no better off than other parts of Mexico; and we know "how it goes" there - that's why they're fleeing in record numbers to come here!

FYI: From OCBlog.net post:

From OCBlog.net post:


"...Because she risked her 'life, fortune and future' ..."

What life, fortune and future are you talking about? It gives with sex, video and city to me. Was she an angel before she ran for this seat.


Did a Democrat Supervisor, Lou Correa, bring in his 26-inch TV to use during his 2-year tenure? Correa inherited the office from Chuck Smith without re-modeling it.

"... and remember that those suggestions for the big screens came from the office designers, NOT FROM THE SUPERVISORS..."

Again, my dog makes me do it. Wow!


Did she issue a press release? I haven't seen it yet. Campbell and Norby didn't order one.

"...Janet got bad advice on the legal defense fund, but then she doesn't get all that FREE LEGAL SERVICE.."

So, if it is free it is BETTER. Then dump him/them, one needs not to hang on to a bad attorney. That would be her answer. Also, she fed them bones and flesh. She made many mistakes not the other way around.

"... I'm sure Trung would have had to learn a few things as well had he succeeded in stealing Janet's seat..."

I thought Truong won by 7 votes then lost to Janet. Who stole from whom?

"The Poll mentioned above was the kind that one person can call in 100 or 1,000 times to vote, so it is a useless poll as admitted by the newspaper its self."

I admitted that I agreed with you on this point. But it is still interesting to see either side spins it. OC Register might spin it differently if it was legit.

"...I am almost feeling like Wiley Drake and about to go join a third party...which would be a VERY dramatic step for me..."

Michael Bloomberg is cooking one and he is running up his party membership.

Posted by: OCBLOG at July 12, 2007 11:08 AM

What the heck is that post at 9:29 talking about?

no bueno you full of it

"want to see the best qualified with the most experience placed on specific boards and commissions - regardless of sex or race. Otherwise, the public/taxpayers are poorly served."

Do you really think supervisor seek out the best qualified for boards and commisions. I can give you at least name five examples( on two boards)of commissions members that had little or no experience. What got them there? And are we poorly served then? and that just two boards...


As a commisioner you are no longer an outsider, you are a part of the body that is now held to a higher standard than us plain old bloggers.

Oh please, just...asking. Spare me the furrowed-brow-beating. Once I'm a commissioner I have to become mute about the commission?


Jubal is Bill Campbell's appointee, so unless the Supervisor have a problem, everyone else should butt off.

Paul Lucas

Although you did not make any judgemental points about the appointee in question, I think that Just Asking has a point in reference to comments about one of your current or potential fellow commissioners.
You would be well served in toeing a fine line in this area since you would have to work with this person. I think that may be the point that Just Asking was initially trying to make.

All the best,

One Who Knows

So, Paul Lucas, following your logic, Todd Spitzer (or Chuck deVore) should NEVER say anything about Speaker Nunez?

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