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July 23, 2007


Lucy Dunn

You are spot-on, Jubal. I attended that board meeting and it was appalling.

Further, having worked with Jordan Brandman at OCBC, I know him to be exceptionally well-qualified, gifted and the breath of fresh air that board so desperately needs.

colony rabble

Can it be? Jubal and I agree on something! I spoke at the public hearing on behalf of Jordan Brandman. He is an articulate, intelligent young man who would have brought new life and a fresh perspective to the school board. His experience would have helped us get the resources we need from Sacto. Best of all, he is not more of the “good old boys network” that has already ruined our schools and squandered our funds. Instead, the board gave us back someone we soundly rejected, a divisive man at a time when we need to get through the difficult task of fiscal recovery.

Lucy, I did not attend the last session, did they actually discuss the appointments in the open? I heard through the grapevine that they went into closed session for discussion…true or false?

Too Bad!

Jordan was the right guy for that job. It is too bad that AUHSD can't pull it together.

Lucy Dunn

CR: I arrived at the meeting while they were publicly discussing the purported "philosophy" behind who they would select which segued into a motion and discussion on candidates, but it was all rather unintelligible.


Jubal--Nice post. I think Brandman was more then qualified although I don't think you automatically go to the next highest vote getter as some have suggested. If you want to have that system, write it into an ordinance. Brandman's placement should have been a factor but nothing more. HIs qualifications relative to other applicants is what should count.

Martin's past results, on the other hand, should have been evidence enough that the district had enough of this guy.

Andy Hilbert

The petition to demand a special election to fill the seat vacated by the untimely passing of Denise Mansfield-Reinking is ready for your signature. If we get enough signatures the undemocratic selection of Harald Martin will be nullified and an election will be held.

If you are interested in helping, contact me through my profile for more information on my blog: www.andyhilbert.blogspot.com.

Pete Baldwin

Please attend Los Amigos this Wednesday morning at 7:30am; Jagerhaus Restaurant, 2525 E. Ball road, Anaheim. You will discover a substantive effort in the works to reverse the decision of the AUHSD Board of Trustees. First, Harold Martin, and then the remainder of the board who placed their arrogance in front of the district's need to teach.

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