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July 25, 2007


You are wrong in that Loretta Sanchez pulled the plug on the Pelosi event. That event was botched by Mike Levin himself in that he promised the donors that Pelosi had pledged to be at the event when she had not yet committed.

People started asking questions and eventually it got back to Pelosi that Levin had committed Pelosi without her knowledge or consent.

Word about this got back to the donors who rightfully felt duped and they pulled their money back. Mike Levin quickly resigned his position as DPOC ED and left town under a cloud of shame and embarrassment.

This is one Dem that was glad to see him go. Mr. Levin had the effect of alienating more Dem activists, Electeds, Donors, and insiders than anyone in recent history with his behavior.

Mr. Levin was able to get some good work done at the DPOC. Lord knows we needed it. However, his actions that resulted in fractured and strained relationships, undelivered commitments, ghost commitments, malicious gossip and much more were so great as to overshadow the good deeds he did do.

Again, the cancelled Pelosi event is on Mike Levin’s head. Not Loretta Sanchez.


Mike Levin organized a fundraiser with Pelosi without asking Pelosi?

Uh, yeah. Sure.

Jubal had it mostly right. I agree Levin made a mistake, but it was in committing that Sanchez would be there without asking Sanchez. But Pelosi was a go.

Levin made a rookie mistake but Sanchez could have been a statesman, warned Levin to ask her ahead of time next time, and gone on with the show for the good of the party.

Instead Loretta was petty and squashed it, and her pals keep trying to make Levin the scapegoat.

Milk Man

Bottom line is this: Sanchez could really give a **** about the DPOC because she's dying to run statewide. Now that she's in power in DC, she will even spend less time here and will give the local Democrats her middle finger.

Jubal act fast


From one Republican to another: This kind of information is best left off the blog. I hope you'll understand why.

Let us make our gains quietly without boasting and goading. The Dems don't have to know our every move and how well we're doing at a given time.

The success of our program will be proved by any real gains on election day. That's where the surprise will be.

Please pull this post down before too many people see it.


One who knows.


Well, The New Majority related this on-the-record to me -- and six other reporters and bloggers. So it's not exactly a secret.


Jubal--There are few secrets and the VR drive is not one of them.

It must be nice to know that there are still Democrats foolish enough to fall for your Loretta lazer tag shots. Despite that story having run out of steam ages ago some still can't resist the temptation to get into circular firing squad formation.

Art Pedroza

I don't understand why the OC GOP is bothering to register voters in Santa Ana. They barely lifted a finger for the Republican council candidates last year. They didn't even try to recruit a serious candidate against Jose Solorio. The only race they did try to win was the 34th, and we know how that turned out.

Well, there was the Supe race too, but both of the machine candidates lost (Trung and Carlos).

Is this just the Tran machine trying to scare Congresswoman Sanchez? Keep trying - but you will get nowhere. Tran will never defeat Sanchez.

The Democrats need to step up voter registration in central OC - and because of the ridiculous appointment of racist Harald Martin to the Anaheim Union High School Board, they have the issue to do it with.

The Democrats also need to get serious about blunting the Tran machine. They need to run a serious candidate against him. The 68th is winnable for the Democrats. But they will win nothing if they don't even try.

Re: Art Pedroza

Another delusional post, brought to you courtesy of Art "Mentiroso" Pedroza.

I remember three months ago Art, you were running your mouth about how the Republicans were going to have a rough time registering voters in Central OC, Santa Ana, etc.

Now that the Republicans proved you wrong, you question their intentions. You are a piece of work sir.

aria ghafari

hey jubal,

funny how you erased the comments on the post re: the so called "pulled the rug" post. if memory serves right, there was many post telling you how you were wrong.

but hey lets not let facts get in the way of your opinion.

good bill o'reilly style.



What are you talking about?


Art knows everything and he is soooo smart! Art can beat anybody because he has ability to read the future! Art should run for the President of this country. Art, since I'm nice to you, can you give me a next winning lotto number?

Art Pedroza

11:37 and 5:17,

I have not been proved wrong at all. God only knows how much effort the Tran machine is expending in Santa Ana. It is for naught. NOTHING will get Trung elected.

If the Reeps think that the Democrats are going to take this lying down, they have another thing coming. In fact they are mobilizing even now to start registering voters in Anaheim.

In the end, the OC GOP is doomed in Santa Ana as long as its leadership includes Tim Whitacre, Rosie Avila and Lupe Moreno - they just started a CRA chapter in Santa Ana. Just like Whitacre's Ethics Committee, this too shall pass...

Re: Art Pedroza

"I have not been proved wrong at all. God only knows how much effort the Tran machine is expending in Santa Ana. It is for naught. NOTHING will get Trung elected."

Art, only in your own delusional mind have you not been proven wrong. I will find the right post and quote you later for everyone to see how often you are wrong.

This time you weren't just wrong though. This time you were embarrassingly wrong.


Here I'll do it for you:

On Tuesday April 17th (roughly 3 months ago), Art Pedroza wrote this on Orange Juice:

"While we are on the subject of Trannies, Trung's campaign manager, Saulo Londono, was apparently tabbed by the OC GOP to conduct voter registration in Central Orange County. They didn't even bother to ask Janet how she felt about this. The sense was that Van Tran has been successful at this and so they went with the Trannies. I cannot see how this is going to work out.

Well, the Reeps could be in for a rude awakening. Voters in the First Supervisorial District are none too pleased with the GOP. President Bush has been just awful, and Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has been running circles around his pathetic administration. What a joke! Good luck registering new Republicans..."

Good luck getting your predictions right next time Art...

Milk Man

I don't even know why art Pedroza is even worth our time? The guy is mental for blaming everything on Tran and believing that Janet is really looking out for the Hispanics community.

This week's headlines read: New County Office for Little Saigon.

Hey Art, why dont you ask Janet for a county office in Little Mexico?

Art Pedroza


How do we know that these registrations are even valid? The last time the OC GOP got busy registering voters in Santa Ana, they did so illegally and got in a world of hurt.

I have no doubt that Londono and the Tran cabal are all targeting Vietnamese voters only. I'm sure they are not making much headway with Latino voters.

Why should Latinos join a party that hates them?

Milk Man


How would you know if the GOP is not making any headway with the Latino voters? Is this assumption of yours base on personal experience because the GOP sure didn't make any electorate gain at all when you were still a registered Republican.

So much for the 1st ever Latino Outreach Chair ...You know who really hate Latinos Art? YOU!

Stop ranting about what the Tran are up too, stop attacking Miguel Pulido, I dont want to hear how you're going to take out Carlos Bustamante, don't hate on Claudia Alvarez because she's going to challenge Janet, stop being the "Propaganda Minister" for Janet, and last, instead of being the most annoying critic of local politicians in Central Orange County, why dont you run for public office and we'll see if you can do it any better.

Sounds like a good proposition Pedroza?

Art Pedroza


No, it doesn't. I like being a blogger. You won't see me run for any office anytime soon.

BTW, back when I was in charge of Hispanic Outreach for the OC GOP we had a thriving RNHA (Republican National Hispanic Assembly) chapter here in the OC, with over 40 members.

If anything, after I left the OC GOP Central Committee, back in 1998, the party lost ground.

Last year I, along with Thomas Gordon and Ryan Trabuco, worked the OC GOP Fiestas Patrias booth in Santa Ana for three days, alongside Bryan Lanza and his wife. Never did see Carlos Bustamante or Tim Whitacre.

And no, I won't stop attacking Mayor Pulido. Or his cohort Claudia Alvarez. They have brought ruin to Santa Ana and deserve to be exposed at every turn. They have underachieved in every way that matters - bad roads, not enough parks, and only one library. Pathetic.

Art Supporter

"bad roads, not enough parks,and only one library.Pathetic." Art, tu tienes razon! We need a lots of help in Santa Ana... What about the highest crime rate and the LOWEST property value in Orange County! We had a enough of old lesdership in Santa Ana and we need a new blood in our system. Art, please ask MR. Van Tran to tranform our community!!!
We need his help, we need his strong leadership,TODAY!...

Lynn Daucher for Senate staffer

"Last year I, along with Thomas Gordon and Ryan Trabuco, worked the OC GOP Fiestas Patrias booth in Santa Ana for three days, alongside Bryan Lanza and his wife."

Actually Art, sorry to burst your bubble but you are taking waaaaay too much credit for this. It was Lanza who secured the money for the booth from the county party and it was Lynn Daucher for Senate staffers and their friends who kept the booth open the whole weekend. I know because I was there. You showed up once for 15 minutes. Thomas Gordon worked for a few hours and we were thankful for that but as fas as you and Ryan Gene, you guys were zero help.

Even Tan Nguyen's campaign manager, who had been phisically assaulted a week earlier, worked for longer than you AND Ryan together, so please spare us all of more lies and over exxagerations.

Again, I know because I was there...for MUCH longer than you were.

Art Pedroza


Not true. I showed up several times and stayed for quite awhile each time. And you know quite well that Thomas and Ryan were there quite a long time, as were George Collins and his wife.

The point I was trying to make is that all of us worked hard on Latino outreach for the party, but no one else from the 69th AD Caucus showed up, with the exception of James Vanderbilt.

But go ahead and try to do outreach now that the only Latino who one a seat on your Central Committee last year is no longer a Reep. The OC GOP is absolutely inept at Latino outreach and you know it.

And yes I do plan to help any Democrat who has the spine to take on Van Tran. Free of charge. Unlike Whitacre who tried to charge Daucher several thousands dollars for his services...



What medication are you on? You make no sense with your diatribe.

There should be a contest to see how many times you are wrong, each instance for a dollar. Alot of us would be millionaires.

Art Pedroza


Well, I was right about Supervisor Nguyen, wasn't I? Are you sore because you backed Trung or Carlos?

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