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July 02, 2007


Paul Lucas

Dang Jubal,
Everytime I throw a smack donw on the hard right blogo-spin machine you ile twenty new stories on top of the one I'm commenting on. Grrrrrrrrrrr. You should try and not be so afriad of the truth. We have a 12 step program for recovering Right wingers such as yourslef. We can help. Come in from the cold my son.
(Tongue firmly in cheek)


It's funny how you right wing extremists only have one thing to complain about regarding Clinton, that he lied about a b-job. Can't you find anything else to complain about? Besides, how many of you have lied about the same thing at one time or another. What really pisses me off is that Clinton did something so stupid in the first place, to give you hipocritical Republicans something to complain about. If it were'nt for that, what would you keep going back to then?

Also, how is lying about a b-job worse that lying about reasons for blowing up a country. Do you really think the former is a greater crime? Get of your hipo-christian pedistal and be objective for once. What Clinton did doesn't and will never excuse others for their crimes. If that were o.k. we could all be murderers and it would be o.k. because someone else did it first. Get real and get on both parties, because as far as I'm concerned, neither party is demonstrating what I would like to see from our country's leaders is honesty, integrity, and a belief in something tangible other than merely attacking the opposition and calling them juvenile names!

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