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July 23, 2007


let him fry

No way should the taxpayer have to pay one dime of this little man's defense.

Josh Martin

Wow, that's some Chutzpah on Fleming's part. What an selfish arrogant action!

What was his salary? Certainly he has enough squirelled away to defend himself.

Fiscally Responsible

If the taxpayers are going to pay for his defense, I think the taxpayers should be allowed to choose who represents him ...

I here the Public Defenders office has some well qualified individuals that could assist Mr. Fleming.

View From The Top

Given the fact that the DA's office has publicly admitted that the Trustees are also under criminal investigation, it seems as though the 4 Fleming era trustees should be conflicted out of voting on this request as they potentially stand to benefit from a decision to pay for Fleming's attorney's fees.

The question is: Is Fleming more or less likely to spill the beans on the Trustees if they agree to pay for his high priced legal team? One can only speculate on the pressure Fleming is exerting on the 4 old guard trustees behind the scenes.

seattle criminal attorney

Interesting read. I will have to bookmark it for later.

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