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July 17, 2007



Nice one Matt! Diggin deep!


Of course, Westcot's downsizing into California Adventure didn't happen in a context-free zone:

  • Anaheim HOME was very successful in whipping up a NIMBY groundswell against the project;
  • Disney's other big money, brand-new park project -- Euro Disney -- had just opened as a stupendous money-losing flop;
  • Disney didn't actually own (oops!) all of the land that it planned to use for Westcot, and thanks to ham-handedness, had little success in getting the people who did own that land to sell.

Here's an interesting article on the Westcot-to-California-Adventure endgame.

So while Disney didn't live up to its initial Westcot promises, it's not as if Michael Eisner woke up one morning and decided to cancel the thing out of spite.

And of course, this has nothing to do with whether or not SunCal and its promises can be trusted ...

Paul Lucas

I think you forgot to include your full disclosure at the bottom of this post.



You're right -- I did. Thanks for the reminder. All fixed now.

Meddlesome Nobody

Let's face it folks, on this issue all we're going to see is Jubal spinning and grave robbing to dig up the skeletons for his client. (Except, of course, Chip Hanlon's thoughtful insights and counter-point.)

We've all come to expect the spin--heck it's nice to see him play the part of the gadfly for once. What's troubling to me are posts like this, bashing the mouse from out of nowhere with some material that's about a decade old. Comment on the news if you must, but please spare us the skeletons . . . Thanks



You have performed a great public service even if you are a hired gun. I keep hearing from the Soaries that a deal is a deal is a deal. Well, the deal was broken coming out of the gate which you have conclusively exposed. Thanks for setting the record straight.

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