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July 04, 2007


dana point voter

The only circus act in town is Diane Harkey, who self-serving dog and pony show is almost done. Thank God. It's been torture to watch.

Kathryn Wilson

Hmmmm.... another anonymous letter in favor of Diane. How brave. You must really support her or is it you Diane??? Diane Harkey told myself and a group of neighbors what a great person the developer of the Doheny house was. What a great guy. So great she appointed him to the building height task force. Then he allowed her to hold a fundraiser for herself at the Doheny house. How convenient.

Pam Stone

I read the articles to recall and Mr. Grunor's post. It really seems like he is using the public policy avenue while and burdening the taxpayers of DP with the costs associated with administering a recall election just because he has a personal grievance with Diane Harkey. I suggest he hires a lawyer and sues her personally—I understand that she and Mr. Harkey have some coin. (Chances are one DP attorney has told him he has no case and the recall would be more embarrassing--gee I wonder who the lawyer was?)
Mr. Grunor, there is a very simple way to "disqualify her from running for the Assembly". Pull papers and run against her in the primary. This primary is ill conceived and not likely to succeed.

Carol Daywalt

Pam Stone's comments are nearly as incoherent as they are contradictory. So Grunor is "administering" a recall? What about all the other proponents on the initiative, and all the other grievances? Does she think if Grunor hires a lawyer it's a good idea or a bad one? And on it goes. Who can tell anything from what she writes? And I wasn't aware until now that the Republican primary next year was ill conceived and not likely to succeed, even though she thinks Grunor should run against Harkey in that primary!!

Jerry Grunor

I could appreciate Martin Wiskol's making fun of this Recall Action of Diane Harkey by indicating that I am either Moses or a Village Idiot. Needless to say, I am only one of thousands who would like to see Mayor Harkey resign and leave politics. I am neither the one who started this 'Recall' nor the only one who had to bite the bullet from Ms. Harkey's malicious attacks.

I am just the messenger who stood before the city council and hoped to present the Recall Papers to the mayor. But she defiantly and blatantly decided to call in sick and not face the music as she has done in the past.

I cannot speak for others in the city who oppose or support Ms. Harkey. It is up to them to stand up and sign the Recall Petition and vote the mayor out of office.

We do not live in a perfect world, but it is our right to stand up against anyone who uses his or her power to threaten and attack us without due cause. As long as we live in a free society, we are able to voice our opinion as others in this column have done, and that is our freedom of speech.

I don't proclaim to be Moses nor am I a Village Idiot as that inexperienced 25 year old Brooke Adams who ran for the job of governor had stated. I am just a resident of Dana Point who wishes to live in peace and harmony without having our elected officials use their new powers unethically to run our cities, our states or our nation. We must fight for our freedom and our rights, always.

If you want to see the parting of the Red Sea, then come to the Recall Election in February.

As my Jewish mother used to say at every Jewish Holiday..."They tried to kill us...we won...let's eat!"

Jerry A. Grunor
Dana Point

robert traphagen

There seems to be a pattern with Harkey. She uses us (twenty dedicated people to help get her elected into City Council)...She tells us that she is our friend and is going to help us...And then stabs us in the back by taking big money from developers and other special interest groups to get her elected into State Assembly and tells us that there will be "back lash" to our group. This sounds like a threat to me. She also tries to be a friend to Kathy and Malcom Wilson and others regarding the "Historical Doheny House" and stabs them in the back as well. She uses a felon developer to attempt to tear it down. But thank God that residents saw thru her manipulative ways and will save the Doheny House. Want more? Go to a Google search and punch in : RW Hertel/Point Center Financial. Ron Hertel is also a convicted felon and a developer, and borrows money from Harkey as reported in topix, Lompoc,CA. This paticular developer did shady construction on a new homes project at Nipomo Homes up North. Why does Harkey have dealing way up North with a felon developer. I recommend you do your homework. SO...YES WE SHOULD RECALL THE MAYOR HARKEY AND LET THE VOTERS DECIDE ABOUT HER ETHICS.


Most interesting, Point Center Financial, Inc. is Diane Harkey's and her hubby's business whom by the way has been mentioned as a un-indicted suspect's in the Corona matter, and RW Hertel has a long History of secret loans and donations to Harkey as long as he keeps getting his loans from Harkey and Point Center she should be recalled and both with Hertel are in the eyes of the Gov't it is only time before they come crashing down... as well RW Hertel & Sons has and is the ongoing subject of many investigations from defective home building, Fraud, Threats, Intimidation, child porn etc..

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