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July 28, 2007


Silence Dogood

Ha! They can't even SPELL "ethics"!

Peter Ripley

Better that a typo slip by than a bad politician!

It's good to see these folks have their campaign up and running in style. Check it out - the web site looks promising, and might just show you the way.

look out DP

See what happens when you cross Jim Lacy!!!


Nice how Diane just left that meeting in the middle of public comments.

Jerry Grunor

Mayor Diane Harkey of Dana Point may be outwardly strong on style, but not on substance as the potential candidate for the California State Assembly has yet to reveal much about herself and her background, which one cannot find nor does it exist anywhere. It does not say much about her when she leaves a city council meeting cursing and waving her middle finger as a member of the city council.

The web site, www.dianeharkeyrecall.com reveals much about this individual and her character will not propel her to any higher position.

Even her one-time supporters are jumping ship. Her platform, whatever that may be, is all but a lot of nothing as she never says what she stands for and what she hopes to accomplish in the assembly.

In politics, there are no grace periods as you are constantly in front of the public. Ms. Harkeycannot face the negative commentary from her constituents, and thus hides behind those who come up with malicious attacks against proponents of the recall, making false statements that are defaming and slanderous.

In summary, all of her money, and she claims that she is wealthy with unlimited funds, will not help her gain a position for higher office as she cannot even hold a city council seat for too long. A person who thinks that money can buy anything is riding for a fall. In this day and age, it can only buy so much!

Republican chick

Harkey campaign chair Mimi Walters is not going to be helped by Harkey's antics, looks like it will be a long road. Winning the 33rd SD is too important for us, and Sidhu isn't much better than Harkey apparently is in ethics.

antony cooke

The truth is sometimes tough to handle, but the facts speak for themselves: Harkey took us all for chumps, and for a short time we were.

But the recall campaign keeps coming back, each time stronger than before, despite the fact that many at City Hall along with their friends would like it to simply fade away. Fat chance. The proponents only become more determined the more the recall's opponents squawk.

The causes are real; it is great to see the new web site as a central source for information and postings. The issues will play out in time. Harkey cannot simply buy the truth out of existence, and she cannot buy the peoples' silence. Finally, it's time to pay the piper.

Colleen Traphagen

I have been very patient lately as to not getting involved with, "He says/she says" kind of talk about Mayor Diane Harkey of Dana Point. I have read recent letters printed in The Dana Point Weekly Newspaper coming from Harkey supporters. Their attempts try to belittle decent residents who wish to merely have the people of Dana Point voice their opinions with the right to petition, if indeed the public officials are unethical.

In none of the recent past letters that were written, had they attacked me personally or my husband.. They had been focusing on "The Doheny House" debacle and have tried to paint a picture that is based on a few people who are out to get Harkey.

Well, the truth is that "The Doheny House" is an important issue at that. But so is Mayor Harkey's coming into our home and attempting to divide us from our attorney. Harkey's attackers cannot attack this because Mayor Harkey did it and admitted to this in public at a council meeting.

My point is that there are many more reasons than just the Doheny House matter that shows Diane Harkey's unethical behavior. The important thing is that CHARACTER COUNTS and our request is to allow the residents decide whether she should be voted in or out of office. Power and money should not be the underlying force to public office. CHARACTER COUNTS and ETHICS MATTER!!!

Colleen Ann Traphagen
Dana Point

The Force for Truth in Dana Point

Good for you, Colleen Traphagen, for standing tall against the high-financed Mayor!

Mayor Harkey, take note; the truth is beginning to emerge. This is just the beginning; I know there are many other horror stories from others, if they will take courage and inspiration from you, Colleen, and step forward.

It's happening; Dana Point is coming of age, as its citizens demand more from its governance than the agendas of self serving politicians and powerful special interests.


Everyday, I receive dozens of e-mail notifications regarding new comments on this blog.

And I'm getting to the point where I cringe upon seeing comments related to the Harkey Recall. I have rarely seen so much verbiage spilled by people to muddy up an individual -- while backed with next to nothing in the way of specifics or substance -- as I have seen coming from anti-Harkey commenters.

The comments are 90% pure bile.

I don't want to censor comments, but I'm getting tired of taking the time to read these long screeds so I can edit out rules-violating parts to avoid deleting the whole comment.

But I'm getting to the point where I just don't want to take the time to do so and will start deleting comments that are nothing but anti-Harkey bile-bombs.

So I'd like to suggest that Recall Harkey commenters strive to make their comments live up to their rhetoric about restoring integrity, honor, etc.


And that goes for the anti-Harkey Recall side, as well.

antony cooke

How could you say these things Jubal, when just above your comments are many highly specific comments critical of Harkey? Look at those by Colleen Traphagen, or Jerry Grunor for instance, which refer to very real occurrences. These things happened to these people, so maybe they do feel some bile as a consequence. However, they certainly have more than a little justification for backing the recall movement. They have tried to spell it out.

So please hear all of these people out, for you are providing a valuable service to them. They value this forum, and have few other places to raise their issues and feel they will not be censored, maligned or ignored. Thank you for Red County OC Blog!


Mrs. Traphagen says Diane Harkey tried to separate her and husband from their attorney. What does that even mean?

Grunor makes one specific claim -- Harkey made a gesture -- but otherwise he uses a lot of high-sounding language to say he just doesn't like her (and she's rich).

I'd like the comments section on this blog to be more substantive, informative and civil -- and I'll not let it degenerate into a Daily Kos-like swamp.

antony cooke

Thanks for your quick response, Jubal. The Traphagens tried to explain that Harkey wrote and presented them a letter, for them to sign as their own! She told them that their attorney was not representing them well. They would have signed away their rights in an ongoing dispute with a developer.

Jerry Grunor was falsely maligned to another constituent, with insupportable claims that he had been arrested and convicted of crimes. The record is currently being corrected by legal documentation is to be presented to City Hall.

There are many other examples, and perhaps the trouble is that the writers assume everyone is as familiar with their cases as they are! If this has created the wrong impression, then this is surely regrettable.

I must also comment on the 'bile' of those in the other 'camp' who have told us that Dana Point and its people are irrelevant, and that Harkey was going to be the Republican nominee for the Assembly, regardless.

Another example of little 'substance' would to the first comment on the above Harkey Recall article, which merely points out a 'typo', as if that is reason to dismiss the entire movement! Where is this insightful, or worthy of inclusion?

And what about the person who claimed that the recall was going nowhere "because of the unpopularity of the proponents", without being able to cite a single source of such opinion or a proponent's name?

So, maybe many in the anti-Harkey camp are angry and frustrated, but I don't see why this gives the other side a free pass. Meanwhile, time will reveal a multitude of Harkey 'sins', and you can be sure they will be assertively commented upon!

Thank you again for your web site and concern that it maintain proper decorum. It surely will bring much substance to the fore, as long as people have a place such as this to voice their opinions.

robert traphagen

I will gladly post the letter composed by Harkey in which she presented to me and my brother (an attorney and officer of the court). If you desire Jubal to have me post the letter on your site I shall do so and let`s let your readers determine facts for themselves. Diane Harkey admitted writing the letter in public on the May 1, 2007 Dana Point City Council Meeting. Had my wife and myself signed her composed letter, my attorney Patrick Evans would have been forced to fire us as his clients because of conflict of interest. Robert Traphagen

Karl Rove

Note to Diane-

According to Phil Paule and Dave Gilliard, it is inappropriate to put your own money into your campaign. So make sure you heed their advice and do not defend yourself in this recall effort with your own money.

Just me

It is interesting to watch the bickering back and forth. The recall proponets are whining about being picked on when they say the recall is the issue not their spokepersons. They express their right to their opinion based on their first admendment right. But when an opposing view comes across, they cry fowl. But what is really interesting is the following:

From the recall website we can read-
"she bullied residents Robert and Colleen Traphangen into signing away their legal rights on a letter"

From a post above we can read -
"Had my wife and myself signed her composed letter ....."

So where's the beef? Did they sign or not? The reason no one takes this pro and con seriously is lack of credibility by the recall proponents. Their lawyer said the the rejection of the first 20 signatures to recall was a technically. What it really was was a lack of following a very simple rule written in the recall brochure "the printed name, signature, and business or residence address of each of the proponents of the recall." PO boxes don't count. This looks like a bunch of Keystone Cops. But that is just me.

I'm sure this will get more interesting.


"But when an opposing view comes across, they cry fowl"

Maybe it's because they're chicken.

"So where's the beef?"

Like I said - chicken.

antony cooke

Now these last two comments ("Keystone Cops", "chicken", and "beef") are taking the very tactic which Jubal criticized. What does this accomplish except to show these folks are in the Mayor's hip pocket?

The reasons for the recall have been very carefully and clearly laid out, but the critics seem unwilling to consider, even for a moment, that there might be something to them. I haven't yet seen one thing which can show the substance of these folks' supposed "opposing views". Not one charge has been substantively refuted, because apparently none of the opponents want to do any investigation. They are just too ready to trust, and as such will always get the government they deserve.

These charges would not have been made without evidence; no-one would have backed the recall movement. Quite frankly, all I am seeing is the superficial mocking of the proponents by these people, and very little "beef" (to use the same term) about the complaints. But let me be specific to the two points raised by "Just me":

Is it appropriate for an an elected official to enter the home of a constituent with a pre-written letter, and to pressure those constituents not only to sign it as their own, but also to abandon their attorney? Is this appropriate when those constituents would sign away their rights, and the beneficiary would be a developer who had made substantial contributions to the elected official? Somehow, I don't think so.

As for the few signature problems of the first recall filing, the rules for proponents of any measure are very strict and narrow. Fair enough, it should be done properly. But this is not the first such petition which has been rejected on grounds of irregularities, and it does not negate the validity of the petition. Proponents are not likely to be experts in the preciseness of how names are registered in Santa Ana. A missing initial in the signature can be enough to cause rejection. Sometimes the reasons are even more subtle and hidden.

So please, let's revert to a more adult tone of debate and discussion with less name calling. Instead, offer some substantive opinions and not just happy talk about how wonderful any politician may be, and how any critic is just a "Keystone Cop". Ultimately the voters will decide anyway, not any one of us.


Good God Mr. Cooke, it was a joke! Cry "fowl" = chicken; where's the beef? - no, chicken. Get it?

You DP folks need a serious humor infusion -and soon. My jokes aren't that bad. Well, maybe they are.

antony cooke

Sorry to take issue, but your jolks ARE that bad, and what we're talking about is NO joke. That seems to be the problem here; just because the issues at stake are not in your town this doesn't relegate them to flippant humor.

One Who Knows

Mr Cooke:

You are taking yourself (and your little town) way too seriously. I think you should seek professional help before it's too late.

Most of us who read this blog don't give one little hoot about the City of Dana Point or the tribulations of your Mayor. You and your friends, on the other hand, insist on injecting your petty buffoonery on us day after day. It is really getting tiring.

What will it take you to stop annoying us? Will you go away if we promise to agree with everything you say (which, of course, would require blind acceptance on our part without any scepticism or intellectual analysis)?

If so, you may count me in as a dedicated supporter of your ridiculous cause.


antony cooke

To One Who knows (or thinks he does), thank you; I rest my case. You have just proven every point I have been making.

As for the intellectual analysis you claim......?

peter ripley

It would seem that those who are afraid to post their own names should be very careful who they call "chicken".

David Zenger (aka redperegrine)

Oh geez. Can't you people take a joke? Bad sign. Important life lesson, Mr. Ripley: believe it or not, people will take you more seriously when you start taking yourself less seriously. Paradoxical, but true.

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