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July 30, 2007



That title is the best play on words I've seen in a long time!


the title is a bit misleading -- they did not yank anything - they just redirected


Yes. They redirected to Yanks. Get it?

billy bob

Those fellows at KFI are so nice. They are so concerned with safe-guarding law breakers at the court but don't care about their own listener's financial information.

Went to KFI's website and saw all the sponsors and did some cross checking to see if any of these companies have ever sub contracted or hired cheap foreign workers to deal with their customers financials.Can anybody guess what I found out.

KFI doesn't follow the same standard it holds for its paying sponsors that it expects the court to follow. I wonder if the money has anything to do with that. Of course not...

This is what we in the technical field call a a "ID 10 T" issue. This is the problem with the people who came up with this stuff and the people who believe it.


Thank you Assemblyman Duvall (72nd District), for protecting our residents' private information from potentially being exposed to the criminals in Mexico. Please keep up with good work! We are extremely happy to have a good leader at Sacramento.Mr.Duvall, may God Bless you and family. Gham - sa - ham -ni - da.

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