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July 17, 2007


Allan Bartlett

I'm pleasantly surprised by this vote. Sure some people will try to abuse it, but if for example a dying cancer patient gets some of their appetite back because the weed helps them, what's the problem?


I would hate to be the staffer that has to issue such a card, esspecially since Federal Law prohibits the use of Mary Jane. That would be pretty rough is the DEA swooped in and raided the County Buildings.


Sometimes I need weed to get through the right-wing blogs. Prescription, please!



Our supes showing some common sense. again.

Jubal, I understand your point that "Claudia Alvarez would club [Janet] relentlessly with a "yes" for medical marijuana ID",

but given the poll numbers state-wide and (I think) county wide, what makes you think this clubbing would be effective?

Heck, in the fifth Supe district, getting "clubbed" like this would probably help....

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