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July 12, 2007



blais is an ad71 watch, not ad73

Neil Come Lately

Didn't Jeff Miller announce a couple of months ago that he had signed this same pledge?

Jon Fleischman

Not to diminish the significance of candidates signing a no-no-taxes pledge, especially at a time when our Republican Governor is proposing new taxes...

But there needs to be a companion pledge that addresses the real issue here, which is out of control SPENDING.

There are THREE WAYS to increase spending -- taxes, borrowing, or deficit spending.

How about a pledge to oppose any tax increases, bond measures, or deficit spending, as a start on the income side of the government ledger.

Dwight Robinson


You couldn't be more right. "No new taxes" pledges make for nice PR...but if our legislators vote for any bill that requires dollars, it will only come about through some sort of tax (no matter what our governor wants to call it).

If the assembly candidates would pledge to vote against any and all spending bills during their 6 years, that news release would impress me...and I would hold their feet to the fire on that one.

Dave Zenger

"There are THREE WAYS to increase spending -- taxes, borrowing, or deficit spending."

Hey Jon, what about our old friend the "user fee"? A cunning devise to raise revenue (without lowering general taxes), i.e. facilitate a spending increase. Yet is it really a tax? It gives many, many pols from city councils to Congress the opportunity to spend away and keep their "no new tax" pledge.

Phil Paule

I agree with Flash- anyone can sign a No New Taxes Pledge (What kind Republican would sign a Yes for New Taxes Pledge??) but it is the spending side of the ledger that we need to look at. I wonder if anyone on the RSM City Council has ever voted against staff recommended spending.


The MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate for AD71 is Steven Choi from Irvine City Council. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he has a strong moral character, like TRUE REPUBLICAN. It would be our honor to have a good statesman instead of another politician in this AD71 office.I was most moved by his confession that he gives all credits to our Lord Jesus. I encourage my fellow Republicans to asist candidate Choi in his bid for AD71 primary with great joy.

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