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July 10, 2007


One Who Knows

#1. I can't imagine one single elected official retracting his or her endorsement of Harkey because of the recall. It just smells of being bogus...even if they somehow obtain the required number of signatures. The electeds would stick with Diane and simply say "There but for the grace of God, go I."

#2. It is awfully late for a new entry into this race, even one with a boat load of bucks. Turnout in June will be extremely low...maybe less than 30%...so the number of those actual voters genuinely uncommitted is very, very small.

#3. Harkey came within a whisker of winning the State Senate race. The Assembly seat is hers for the asking.


"plus she got loads of cash and knows how to use it"

Or abuse it. When one considers her dollar per vote count against Bates it makes one wonder...


"plus she got loads of cash and knows how to use it"

Or abuse it. When one considers her dollar per vote count against Bates it makes one wonder...

DP Resident

"#3. Harkey came within a whisker of winning the State Senate race..."

Why did she lose? After winner her council seat by over 1,200 votes, she could only beat Harmen in Dana Point by 200. That was inspite of all the money and Party support behind her. Where did all the votes go? Many of those who supported Harkey for the council were put of by her actions, and did not support her for the senate. Some of those same supporters are now backing the recall.

Harkey would have been better served by working with Lacy AND getting her minion elected. It would have shown she can be trusted politically to work with people and build consensus. Instead, she attacked fellow a Republican, and has shown once again that all she can do is tear down. How is she going to react when she gets to Sacramento and can't buy control of the Assembly?

Can anyone state that besides spending money like a drunken sailor on political endorsements, what qualifies Harkey for higher office? Please don't tell me how "brilliant" she is. That title applies to VERY few politicians, and Diane ain't even close.

Barrett Tetlow

Excellent Analysis, Jubal. The end goal is to get Cassie and others into the 73AD race. Headlines in papers like "Angry residents attempt to recall Harkey" make great hit pieces come campaign time.

Jerry Grunor

Quite a cadre of comments from 'know-it-alls' who probably have nothing else to do but maliciously attack others including Jim Lacy and me. Actually, it was the error by the Dana Point City Clerk who first approved 17 names not realizing that you need the exact amount of 20. Then we were told that she took the paper work home which is illegal. It was the experience and background of Jim Lacy as an attorney who recognized her error and brought this to the attention of the city attorney and city manager who had no idea how a recall works.

I would have to say that before one speaks negatively about a person, to get the facts straight. I suggest you go home and ponder over the fact that we will have 20 legitimate proponents and the recall will go on, stronger than ever. Watch for lots of flyers, street signs from one end of the city to the other, and a web site that will show the mayor in her truly unethical fashion.

As far as competency, I would back Mr. Lacy up with my money anytime against any one who thinks that he is a more competent individual than Mr. Lacy is. Any takers out there? At least I put my money where my mouth is.

Jerry A. Grunor

peter ripley

If posted by "Lacy is a creep" was speaking from personal experience then he/she must be talking about another Lacy. I know a great deal about this man, and such talk is cheap from Harkey's friends. Harkey's own stumbling skills would better fit his description. Have you ever watched Harkey 'run' a council meeting?

And it's not up to Lacy to get the 20 signatures; why should it be? It's not his recall - rather, it's the domain of the 20 proponents on the sheet!

Besides, there are far more than 20 people wishing to sign on; if he/she had researched the matter a little more closely, he would know that the temporary bump in the road was purely technical, with 3 of the 20 proponents not listing their registered voting address correctly.

Ans what would "Lacy is a creep" have to know about Girl Scouts standing in front of Ralph's unless he/she is one of them?


Well, as an outsider, you do have to wonder if DP residents feel a little cheated: How much time does she have to serve the city while she's running for every other higher office she can?

I've never liked seat jumpers.

One Who Knows


You wrote "I've never liked seat jumpers."

That, of course, is your right. But if you don't like seat jumpers, who would you vote for?

Is there any member of the Legislaure (or Congress) from OC who did not run for another public office at least once?

OK Dana Rohabacher. Anyone else?

Also...can't we disagree with out calling each other silly names (like "creep")? This should not be a fourm to simply trash our opponents.


I didn't call anyone a name, other than seat-jumper, I guess.

And at least the others usually wait until their term ends or they term out, right?

Bill Morrow did lose my support when he ran for Congress mid-term after being elected to his first stint state senate a few years back ...

Can't the committment Harkey shows the residents of Dana Point be questioned when she has sought TWO higher offices within her first three years on council?

DP Resident

Harkey was less then nine months into a four year term before announcing she was running for the State Senate. Obviously she was working at it even earlier. Harkey didn't have time to warm up the seat, much less gain any valuable experience before she felt entitled to move up. The ONLY things that qualified her was her well know propensity to spend whatever it took and do whatever it took to get elected. Even those weren't enough when she was faced with Harmen's well organized and financed competition.

One Who Knows

DP Resident:

Well John Campbell was about two months into a four year term when he decided to run for Congress.

And...I'm glad he did because he's doing an OUTSTANDING job for all of OC back there in Washington.

If you don't want to vote for people who hold a different current office, then don't. But to suggest that it's wrong for them to run is pure bunk.

DP Resident

One Who Doesn't Know much....

Campbell had two Assembly elections under his belt before he ran for the State Sentate. Are you equating that with Harkey's 4-6 months on the Dana Point City Council? A council seat that cost her over $180,000 - about $20 per vote!

What about her business background qualifies her? Bankers take risks lending other peoples money, not their own. Did she manage a large department? Was she responsible for a large budget? She has been very vauge. From what I've heard, being VP at a bank is something nice to put on a business card, NOT a indication of responsibility.

Seat hoping happens, especially when others get termed out, resign, or promoted. What you'd hope is the party would back people who are qualified, not those with the deepest pockets.

Harkey specifically stated during her run for the Council that she was not going to seek higher office. That sir is not bunk, AND a just another valid reason for not trusting her.

One Who Knows

To all the people who blog about Dana Point:

Maybe I should make my position a little clearer.

Enough already with your petty, ridiculous, low-level, juvenile squabbles.

NOBODY cares whether you like your Mayor or not.

It is completely irrelevant.

You are irrelevant.

Your whole city is irrelevant.

Diane Harkey will be a fine Assemblymember.

You don't deserve her.

So buzz off!

One who really knows

"One Who Knows" is pretty dang funny.

Ms. Harkey lost the bid on a senate seat that she by all rights should have won had she maintained her relationship with the residents of Dana Point.

The point here is that those who know her best are the ones who didn't advance her to her new goal.

Many of us knew all the time that this was only a stepping stone for her (because no one in their right mind would spend upwards of $200,000 for a City Council seat in Dana Point without an ulterior motive).

What is even more interesting is that she will get zero out of the million she squandered for the senate seat because absolutely none of the senate seat voters (outside of Dana Point) are 73rd Assembly voters.

There is nada in name recognition carryover as none of the 5,000,000 pieces of mail she sent for the senate seat will matter at all.

If she wasn't so nasty and self righteous, some of us might be on the other side of this recall effort. She doesn't have the constitution for higher office (an example is her 'Keystone Cops' comment about the issues with the recall signatures).

I expect that there will be plenty of folks who will be willing to walk the recall and sign the recall.

DP Resident

Wait, let me get this straight.

1) We in Dana Point are irrelevant.
2) Diane Harkey is Mayor of the irrelevant.
3) Diane Harkey will make a "Fine Assemblemember".

What does that say about the State Assembly?

Obviously someone DOES care about what we say, or None Who No's would not be wasting their time by responding. Every time Harkey rants about recall, or one of her vassal blindly praise her, it will only weaken her support.

"You don't deserver her" Hell, Those Who Really Know NEVER wanted her!

Capistrano Beach Knows

Why I Support the Harkey Recall

Mayor Harkey became involved with me to address my inquiries regarding the destruction of the historic Doheny home. She stopped by and left a note pinned to my back door, asking to meet. I agreed. Hours before her visit, I find out that Harkey had invited a dozen people to our home without our knowledge, including her friend, developer and convicted felon Paul Douglas, whom I'm sure Harkey knew was not welcome in our home. If you think Emily Post would have something to say, you should have heard my wife.

At this meeting, Ms. Harkey's zealous support for Douglas's plan to destroy this home and turn our neighborhood into a parking lot, to serve as a commercial wedding chapel, with three spec homes on the original home site, raized the ire of everyone in the room.

Weeks later residents packed the Council chambers to address the fate of our Doheny landmark. After we waited four hours to speak, knowing we were going to be critical, Harkey walked out, flipped her hand and blurted out "F-you all". She was quoted in the Dana Point News, saying she left because we were plants of Tom Harmon's competing political campaign. She knew why we were there, the Doheny home! To take her our legitimate concerns, write us off and to have it printed as fact is disgusting. Harkey has proved she is a liar, she will say anything to achieve her goals at the expense of her community.

It's not so much that I'm angry about Harkey's past deceitful actions, it's a matter of wondering what Harkey, her stacked Council and hand picked Planning Commission are capable of doing to us tommorrow.

In addition to proving herself untrustworthy, Ms. Harkey is a coward. Just as she walked out on us at that packed council meeting to avoid the heat (and her job), she proved it again when she called in sick to avoid being served with recall notice at the last council meeting. I'd like to see a doctors note please, Ms. Harkey, or did the dog eat it?

Just Saying

Capistrano Beach Knows,

"Her stacked Council" and "hand picked Planning Commission" are ridiculous statements. Once again, the Lacy supporters prove that they are sore losers and nothing more. First, the Dana Point City Council Members are not "stacked" by Harkey, they were publicly elected while running against your friends.
And second, all Planning Commissioners are "hand picked". How else do you think they become Planning Commissioners?

Stop being such whiney, sore losers. All you are doing is annoying the rest of the City who will definitely not support any of the Lacy clan again.

Antony Cooke

In response to "Just Saying", who hasn't the courage to leave his name, he surely realizes that the Harkey council majority was achieved by lavish spending and total area saturation of placards, posters, and ads - all in the previous Harkey campaign vein of stars and stripes and hoopla.

Most of the public perceives all of this as signs of a winner. Unfortunately this says more about public detachment from the inner workings of government and how easily the public's votes are thus literally bought, than it does about the people they elect.

However, most of the public may not have known that the two council members Harkey backed used her same campaign strategist, and built virtually identical campaign websites, let alone the campaign styles.

Anyone attending a council meeting can see the result of all of this. The majority and their three votes run roughshod over everything, debate, agenda, committee appointments, and especially votes. The other two council members have no say in anything, period.

In my view this doesn't represent democracy in its best light, so maybe the people indeed get the government they deserve. However, the recall will give voters one more chance to revisit their decision. The only people "annoyed" in Dana Point are those who still haven't woken up to what has been happening to their city.

It is also true that no defender of the Mayor has yet cited any of the specific charges of unethical conduct worthy of recall. Blind devotion is one thing, but when it negatively impacts the lives of others, expect a change in the winds. Recall is part of our democratic process, but is this too "annoying" as well?

Just Saying

So you're saying that Harkey's political allies are good campaigners? That's all you had to say. You guys got beat. Get over it and better luck next time.

The recall however is a joke. The public will have a second chance at selecting their City Council, on election day. Why not take some notes from a winning strategy and try to win back a seat or two. Don’t whine and complain about how Mrs. Harkey was mean to you. You sound like children.

Antony Cooke

"Just Saying" is cracking me up. He is unable to put forward any intellectual argument whatsoever as to why Diane Harkey should not be recalled. And the recall is about what has happened in the City of Dana Point since Harkey's election, not during it.

Apparently he likes his democracy being totally subverted by dollars and flash - but that's fine. He's welcome to it and better enjoy it, because it's headed for a change. Stay tuned.

DP Resident

Just Saying -

I've always said Harkey is a good campaigner. What I've questioned is her ability in office. It is funny in this war of words that those against Harkey site try to attack her for things she has done. Those who support her tend to resort to personal attacks and can't site specific reasons for their support.

A Recall is a valid part of the political process. When Davis was recalled, did you support it or call it "whining". If enough people support the recall, it will go forward. If not, it dies. If Harkey's record is solid, she should have nothing to worry about.

Jubal perceptively notes the recall organizers may be hoping to entice "failed Supervisor candidate Cassie DeYoung into the AD73 GOP primary.DeYoung wants to ascend to some kind of higher office, plus she got loads of cash..."

I would only question whether her cash would count for much. Harkey is better fixed than was Bates, and is a tireless and expert campaigner. Harkey has all the Republican endorsements and is not likely to lose any of them. Endorsements were key to Bates defeating DeYoung handily.I wouldn't look for DeYoung to blow any more family money on another failed campaign.

The likelihood of a successful recall of Harkey is extremely low in part because of the low esteem voters have for the proponents. And, as there seems to be no other viable alternative candidate to oppose Harkey for the Assembly post, the whole recall attempt would appear to be an exercise in futility by a handful of disaffected losers.

One final note is that those who think Harkey is a bad dream might well find that DeYoung is a nightmare.


Peter Ripley

Barlite seems to think that "the likelihood of a successful recall of Harkey is extremely low in part because of the low esteem voters have for the proponents." Really? I challenge her/him to name them. (There are twenty. Ready, set...go!)

Where is the research which shows that voters have a low esteem for these twenty people? And where does Barlite get the insight that these same proponents are just "a handful of disaffected losers"? Barlite must have psychic powers.

Finally the assertion that "Harkey has all the Republican endorsements and is not likely to lose any of them" will also be shown to be wishful thinking. Just watch and see.

Seen It in Dana Point

Harkey can be a "tireless and expert campaigner" but that does not qualify her for higher office. Remember that all of her "expertise" comes from her paid consultants. Observe her when she is not reading from a script, and Harkey is inept. She becomes inarticulate and has difficulty conducting dynamic City Council meetings that do not always flow with a pre-made script. The scripts written for her prior to the meetings demonstrate that she knows how she will vote on a matter prior to hearing public testimony. This begs the question of whether due process is being met. Harkey and her lackeys (Councilmembers Bartlett and Bishop) vote as a block on most matters. They would not dare vote against Harkey who personally carried "Vote for Bishop" and "Vote for Bartlett" signs on their behalf during their campaigns. (I hope you're reading this "Just Saying" because if you lived in DP you would have seen Harkey waving their signs on street corners! Bartlett & Bishop (a former Democrat) had the same campaign manager, the same colors and sign design, and Bartlett had the same treasurer as Harkey).

When Harkey ran for the DP City Council, she was anti-development. She embraced the displaced mobile home park owners who opposed the local developers. Now in office, Harkey has abandoned her anti-development philosophy and her supporters, and has reversed her philosphy to further her own political career. Harkey has consistently proven that she is a turncoat and will abandon her alliances for her own selfish gain.

To those of you who presently claim to admire Harkey and to those in higher office at whom she has thrown money: Beware! Some DP residents once felt as loyal as you do, and they are now demanding Harkey's recall.

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