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July 09, 2007


Tim Steed


Are there councilmembers who are not republicans in Rancho? It seems by the way the release was worded there is.

Just curious!

Thanks Matt




According to the DPOC website, there are no Democrats on the RSM Council.

Mike Thomas


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Missing Primary Voters

"With nearly seventy-five percent of the Republican primary voters in the 71st Assembly District"

Where do the other 25% live?

I suspect Mr. Clark meant that 75% of the Republican primary voters live in Orange County portions of the 71st. However, he always seems to omit that there are two other OC Councilmen running, making Blais's effort an uphill one.


Wait! Neil has been endorsed by his council colleagues?

I never would have guessed. What's next?

Doesn't matter. Miller is gonna win this thing going away.

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