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July 24, 2007



Wow! A very impressive showing for Miller, especially the fact that it was all from real donors and not from the candidate himself.

Been Around

It this press release is accurate and all of Miller's money is in the form of donations, then his total is indeed very impressive.
It will be interesting to see where Neil Blais comes in, and if he had to pump up his report with candidate loans.


I believe Steven Choi will be the best conservative candidate for 71 District. Steven Choi has been raising funds from Corona to Irvine area and many friends are wishing for his success. Steven Choi strongly believes in cutting down on wasteful government spendings..... he will certainly have many conservative votes on 08' primary election.


I forecast Blais will pump up his report with $100,000 from himself (in addition to whatever he raises legitimately from other people).

Phil Paule

I like all the people in this race and I hope no one gets talked into raiding the kids college fund, using the 401(K), or borrowing against the family home to try and be a Member of the Assemby.


Phil is right, we need to protect future of our children because they are gift from God.

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