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July 28, 2007


Weak Report

$100,000 came from Blais in the form of a loan, so in fact he raised only $137,000 - half of what Jeff Miller raised.

Weaker than that

A good deal more of his money came in for the general... so it was even a tougher day for Neil. So, he is a little less than half of Miller...

Phil Paule

Putting in your own money that you have no intention of spending is so 1990's

Where are the reports

Where is the report at i just Secretary of state website and there are no reports up yet.


Wow! A lot of quick posts from some obviously nervous posters. Must be Miller Volunteers.

McCheese cut a check to Blais

Neil is raising money for a general he'll never get to to try and get some oxygen in between rounds of home refinancings. Yeah, Miller is the one who is nervous.

I understand that Mayor McCheese may not be able to endorse but he did an incredible fundraiser for Neil at the McDonald's next to Rancho city hall. Comp'd McFlurries with every $99 check.

Phil Paule

I heard that if you gave $250 everything was supersized.

Caveman Phil

Mayor McCheese vs the GEICO Gecko. This will be fun to watch.

Karl Rove

So Phil, you have a problem with a candidate putting in their own money? What about Darrell Issa? What about Diane Harkey? What about Mimi Walters? What about Arnold? Aren't some of these folks Gilliard clients? Oh so 1990's. Seems like it is still relevant in the 2000's as well. And I had no idea that you are so talented that you can state unequivocably that Blais has no intention of spending that money. I didn't know you were so well connected to his campaign.

So is Miller willing to commit his own money to winning and representing the people? Or is he going to take that city of Corona union money that he took in 2004 instead, and be a RHINO beholding to the union special interests?

But better still, explain to me why it is so wrong to commit one's own money? Isn't that what the first amendment is all about? Or do you and Gilliard have a problem with the first amendment?

Phil Paule

The point is that no one in Sacramento is fooled by some guy putting in his own bucks to pump up the report. Issa, Di Fi and Aronld all put in a fraction of their net worth and they all spent it. If Neil is serious about spending his $100K prove it by paying all his consulting fees up frount. By the way I heard the Mayor of Bismarck, North Dakota endorsed today- great news. .

Karl Rove

Just keep grabbing at those straws Phil. By the way, have the city of Corona unions dumped their money into Miller's nest yet like they did in 2004? Maybe your RHINO candidate won't need to spend his own money. He will just take all that union money instead.

Oh, and by the way, it wasn't Bismarck, ND, it was Oslo, Norway. Mayor McCheese travels far and wide.

Been Around

The difference between Issa/Harkey/etc and Blais is that they have proven they are willing to spend the money they put in a race. I have a feeling Neil wants his money back and the sooner the better.

Phil Paule

The fact is that Blais raised only 1/2 as much as Miller. The Sacramento PACS all see through Blais stunt. Everyone knows he is not a self funder. The only thing Blais has going for his campaign is Mayors from out of the district endorsing him and one of his fellow councilmembers making a fool of himself on a few Blogs. The only smart thing Blais has done for himself was hire Tim Clark.

Gary Should go to a Convention, or Central Committee

I know the RSM folks are new to politics, so let's go over a few things...


It's Gail

Ed Royce -- represents the district and is as real a Republican as they come. Reavis, Dixon, Green RINO's.

When you don't have any legislative endorsements and the guy in the lead has beyond 15, and 3 OC legislators have endorsed against you, consenus groundswell for you ain't gonna happen with or without the mortgage.

It's impossible to call someone a RINO who beat the moderate candidate for Chair of a County Party by 2-1 for the first time in Party history, turned the Party into an election machine, and then won a unanimous majority the next year for a CRA slate of candidates.

Getting kicked in the teeth by the Sacramento Bee on the front page doesn't help your effort to get endorsed by anyone in Sacramento. The Mayor there, much like Richard Dixon and Cathy Green are pro-Correa Dems from outside the district.

Karl, you spent so much time with Jeff in 2004, I figured you would remember him. You've yet to win in California, Karl and it shows.

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