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June 13, 2007



Can you ask your Vietnamese friends/bloggers to translate this piece, please?

I can't read Vietnamese

I can't read Vietnamese, but I don't care.

I think we need to leave Janet alone for a while and let her do her job. The issue of illegal defense fund is over. I don't feel the need to find any potentially damaging material about her any more.

Let's bury the hatchet and find something more productive to do instead of focusing on Janet Nguyen.

I don't need to be able to read Vietnamese to know...

I don't need to be able to read Vietnamese to know that we can't just let these serious issues go without a complete investigation. Our country is great because we have laws and unlike most countrys in the world, even our judges and POLITICIANS have to live by them or be punished. Janet has caused her problems and until she admits to her mistakes the good people of Orange County and this Blog, must remind her that she is not above the law!


Article Summary:

Pressured by American Press: Janet Disclosed Hidden Illegal Donations

Westminster, CA – Many English language newspapers like the LA Times, Orange County Register and a whole bunch of political blogs such as OC Blog, Total Buzz, theLiberalOC, and Calitics made a stance in demanding that Supervisor Janet Nguyen released the names of her secret donors after she was declared the winner of the special election by 3 votes.

Originally it was Christian Berthelsen of the LA Times who broke the story on May 4th, 2007 after an email from Janet soliciting money for her legal defense fund was sent out to group of selective supporters.

According to the LA Times, the content of the secret email requested Janet’s supporters to do two things: (1) send an unlimited amount of money to her attorney’s trust fund; (2) send $1600 to Friends of Janet Nguyen.

In an interview with Christian Berthelsen, Janet Nguyen admited to the existence of her hidden fundraising tactic and blamed it on her attorney Phil Greer for giving bad legal advice.

After the story broke, Janet Nguyen said she didn’t know campaign finance laws in Orange County are different from other places and asked that her attorney return all the extra money to her 3 donors.

Mr. Berthelsen went on to write that he has asked many within Janet’s inner circle, from Andrew Do, her current Chief of Staff, to her Pollster but none of them seem to know about this secret illegal legal defense fund.

On the political blog www.calitics.com, Mr. Andrew Daveys brought up the issue with Janet Nguyen again. He said that everyone doesn’t matter if your political philosophy is left-leaning, moderate or conservative all agreed that Janet Nguyen must follow county law set by the Board of Supervisors – a body in which she is a member of.

However Janet Nguyen continues to ignore the calls of these bloggers for more than 50 days.

On www.ocblog.net a few commentators suspect that the money could be coming from the Democratic Party, the public employee unions, and companies that want to do business with the county.

In the past, Fred Woocher, a Democratic attorney who is an expert in overturning election result assisted her with the recount process and as of today, no one know who really paid his legal fee.

Online Publisher of www.ocblog.net Matt Cunningham said that he cannot believe in the excuses that Janet Nguyen is giving with regard to the illegal legal defense fund. He went on to say that she cannot use the excuse of being “too busy” to be filing all the required financial reports and if there’s only 3 donors who gave over the limit then it shouldn’t take that long to file it.

Mr. Cunningham said that most people agreed that we need to fix the campaign finance law in Orange County. However, these new proposal county ordinaces need to be voted on by Supervisor Janet Nguyen but in this case, she is ignoring the very law that is she charged to uphold.

In the last minute news, Martin Wiskol of the Total Buzz said that Janet Nguyen filed her report and none of the the donors are affiliated with the unions.

Morning Coffee

Thank you Bolsaman. It's interesting to see what the Vietnamese Press is writing.


I can't read Vietnamese....

Don't worry, Janet too.


Yeah, just leave Janet alone and let her do her job. Uh huh... do her job. Just ask around and see how many enemies she's made the last couple months while doing her job.

Can't wait for her to lose the next election.

re James

the only enemies she has made are the Van Tran and Mike Schroeder Gang Members. Which Gang do you belong to?

Who owns the webstie on this blog

Whats interesting about this website is who owns it LOL

owner is

The owner is David Phan from Garden Grove look it up on Go Daddy.com

Art Pedroza

The knock on Janet is that she is young and inexperienced.

Yet she was more politically experienced upon getting elected to the GG City Council than Van Tran was when he was elected to the GG City Council.

Wasn't Curt Pringle once young and inexperienced? Didn't he screw up by sending uniformed guards to the polls to scare away Latino voters? Didn't that cost the OC GOP six figures in fines?

That was a lot worse than filing a late report. But isn't he part of Red County?

Give Janet a chance. I guarantee you she won't make the type of mistakes that Pringle once did.



If you're going to make gratiutous non sequitur attacks on others, at least try to know what you are talking about. Curt never did was you're claiming.

And saying Janet won't repeat a mistake that no one else has repeated isn't much of a defense.

You don't even make sense anymore, Art.

Art Pedroza


Really? That's not the way I heard it.

But answer the question. Why is Janet ripped for being young and inexperienced even though Curt Pringle and John Lewis were likewise quite young when they were first elected to their respective offices?

Janet worked for a legislator and two supervisors and she served on the Garden Grove City Council before she was elected to the Board of Supervisors. That sounds like a lot of experience to me.



You are so wrong, you don't know what you are talking about. You seem to think anyone bashing Janet must be a Van Tran supporter.

You want to know who Janet's enemies are? uhhhh let see, go ask city staff, county staff, people from various groups or clubs that she belongs to , anyone who ever had had to deal with her when she was working for Maddox, ask people who worked in the same office with her before her political years, or even go as far people who knew her from high school.

The fact is Janet is a young person with a huge head. She will use and exploit anyone she can to get what she wants. She wasn't qualify to be on the Garden Grove City Council and she's not even close to qualify to be Supervisor.

James 2

What did Janet do for Bill Steiner and Cynthia Coad? Did she answer their office phones? She was an intern, not a policy advisor or an executive assistant. Her short experience with them now reflects her immature and ignorant decisions. She thumbed her nose to everyone including to her own board.

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