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June 18, 2007


Allan Bartlett

No matter how much President Bush has been screwing up lately, it's still pretty cool to say you got to visit with the President of the United States. Congrats to UCI on their National Championship in Volleyball. The baseball team beat Cal State Fullerton today in the longest College World Series game ever(5 hrs 40 minutes or something...according to Sportscenter)

The Pot Stirrer

I watched most of the Anteaters/Titans game. One for the ages! Good, old fashioned baseball - not a slugfest, but skill, tactics and terrific plays on both sides. Congrats to the Anteaters - it was a good day for them.

Brett Nemeth

Thanks for the plug for UCI. We are hoping the baseball teams pulls off the incredibly difficult task of winning three in a row against ASU, and Oregon State twice. This would put them in the final championship series.

It's too bad the chancellor for UCI doesn't play ball and take a stand against hate. It he only had the guts to use his own free speech and condemn the muslim student association for inviting hateful anti- american and anti-semetic speakers. Actually, it doesn't take guts, it just takes common decency! Instead, he is setting a poor example and he's a bad excuse for a chancellor.

Brett Nemeth

I should have spell checked. I made a typo. I wish I could edit it.

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