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June 12, 2007


Shawn Fago

The most interesting part of the poll is McCain’s numbers. It appears that all of Thompson’s recent gains have come directly from McCain’s losses. Giuliani stayed relatively stable from last week while McCain took a nose dive in the polls. It appears that Thompson is the only candidate to benefit from McCain’s support of the recent immigration legislation. I thought Romney would have picked up some of McCain’s defectors but apparently not.

Richard Rios

I have been a supporter of Senator Thompson for some time now. I have co-authored a site, www.californiaforthompson.com, that gives information on Thompsons background.

In my opinion, we are looking at a two man primary with Thompson and Giuliani. Giuliani has benefited from the press continually proclaiming him the front runner - and in politics news coverage that promotes one as the top person is usually self feeding. What I find remarkable is the fact that Thompson is even with Giuliani without announcing.

The ResmussenReport does hint that as a candidate announces, they usually get a boost in the polls. Logic would then follow that as soon as he does, he will be the front runner.

Thompson is the Right choice for the right reasons!

Richard Rios

Richard Rios

Comments: RE Leno appearance

The quotes I referenced are not exact but I believe they capture Thompsons intent.

I may be biased but I do believe he did very well. I found some interesting comments made that would definitely help in a run off with Clinton.

A question regarding Al Gore (the democratic third place non-candidate) was replied to with Thompson (who filled Gores senator seat when Gore went to the Whitehouse) indicating that he does not have any personal issues with Gore and they are acquaintances. I believe this stance would lower the guard of some boarder line democratic voters.

When asked to tell a little about himself, he talked about being council on the Watergate investigation which led to the resignation of President Nixon. I believe this help in showing principles are paramount and the Democrats will see this as a person who helped in the removing of a Republican president. This makes it hard to run a smear campaign that it all about politics.

I also found it refreshing when asked about only serving two terms in the Senate and then going to Hollywood he replied with sarcasm “I put term limits on myself and after 8 years I wanted to go to reality in Hollywood”. Most people support term limits and can relate to the statement.

Finally, when asked if he would like the job as President, he stated he does not envy the job but the job allows him to do things he believes could make America better. Not really announcing but setting the stage.

I look forward reading others comments.

Richard Rios

Giuliani will win the nomination because the thought of a Hillary candidacy is unacceptable. He can win New York, New Jersey, and Florida and put California in play. In the world of electoral math, that's HUGE. Then he will add a good ole southern boy like Thompson to the ticket and... presto! A winning Republican combination. Considering Bush's implosion and congressional Republicans' failed leadership, the White House could still end up in Republican hands. Of course, whether the Republicans really deserve it is a whole other matter.

Andy Favor

The most interesting thing about the polls are that they appear to ommit Congressman Ron Paul. I posted the following on Total Buzz's post about the same poll:

"Come on Martin and Peggy, you guys are professional journalists. Do you not see a problem with the polls you are citing? These are leading polls that specifically omit Ron Paul. If they had included the esteemed congressman from Texas, I think the numbers would be very different. The below is from the Zogby/LA Times Poll that you cite:

"If the Republican primary or caucus for president were being held in your state today and the candidates were Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, former House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, California Congressman Duncan Hunter, Arizona Senator John McCain, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, former governor of Wisconsin Tommy Thompson, and former Tennessee Senator and actor Fred Thompson, for whom would you vote?"

Now, let’s look at the Rassmussen Poll. The total for the candidates is 70%. That means that some other candidate is getting close to 30%. Granted we don’t have all of the information needed to make a definitive statement, but at least it is clear that the leading candidate is either Ron Paul or perhaps “none of the above" if that was a choice. But, by looking at other poll numbers such as an un-scientific LA Times poll that had Ron Paul at over 28%, I am going to conclude that Ron Paul is the de-facto leader in the Rassmussen Poll.

At least that is the way I see it."

Silence Dogood

Andy -

I'm sad. That's a strikingly uncharacteristic, illogical missive you've written there.

Richard Rios

I have to agree with Silence Dogwood regarding Andy's conclusion. Andy does bring out a very important point in that there is always more in the numbers that what is presented. Yes, there are other components to the survey that would be interesting to find out. Such as, what did the other 30% respond?

Richard Rios

09:22 am - Yes Giuliani / Thompson would be an unbeatable ticket but if Thompson starts pulling away in voter preference as evident in polls, why not the Thompson / Giuliani ticket then? Seems to me you put your strongest candidate first. Either way, who ever wins the primary, the other would be a great VP candidate.

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