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June 15, 2007


Jack Wu

You've done a great job and have, at times, put me in peril of losing my job. I look forward to many more years. Congrats!

Phil Paule

Great Job Matt !!!!!!!!!

When the 5 year celebration rolls around- I suggest a large bash sponsered by the Walt Disney Company.

Gustavo Arellano

Congrats, and keep up the hell-raising.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Well done! I've been reading this blog now for a couple of months and I always find something interesting.

Art Pedroza


Congrats. I know how much work this is!

You and I don't always agree, but I do enjoy your site...although it has not been much fun for me today...

Kudos to you and your entire crew.


You are the man! Mrs. Jubal should be making you buy her some diamond bling for tolerating your constant attention to this blog thing. Of course, when it first started you told her it was just going to be "a hobby", right?

Anyway, thanks for providing a site for dysfunctional political discourse to foment and be exactly what our founding fathers wanted; public discourse.

God bless and keep on hammering away!

O.C. Funk

Chuck DeVore

Thanks for the mention. 5,000 posts! The debate has only just started.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

History Buff

A little know fact that the fore-runner of both the OC Blog and the FlashReport were run out of State Senator John Lewis District Office on a blind Fax machine by two young staffers who names you might be able to guess.

Phil Paule

Come to think of it- if it was not for the OC Blog I would have never met Allan Bartlett- Thanks Matt

The Pot Stirrer

Talk about numbers!! Makes me weary just reading them! Congrats to you and the team for a great publication. Thanks, also, for the nod in your piece. We humbly bow in your presence. Keep up the great work.

Chris Prevatt

Congratulations Matt.

As always, I enjoy the debate and wish you and your team continued success in the coming years. Well, maybe not too much success. :-)

Mike Lawson

Congratulations to the entire OC Blog team!

Tim Steed

OC Blog-

The Blog I love to hate...

I echo Chris, good luck. But not too much luck!

Congrats again-
Tim Steed, President
California Young Democrats



Congratulations on this milestone!

I can appreciate the time and effort it must take to keep it rolling every day, which is no small task, by any means!

You're doing a great job, you've set a high bar for local blogs to achieve and I look forward to reading the blog for many moons to come...

Good work.

Barrett Tetlow

Congratulations to Jubal and the cast of OC Blog. You have grown up into a force to be reckoned with in Orange County (and Republican) politics. Your dedication and hard work has paid off. I have watched time and time again as breaking news on OC Blog has forced the powerful and the important to react. Orange County has proved that it is on the cutting down of the conservative movement.

Jubal, look back and remember your friends and supporters in the beginning and celebrate with them on your achievement.


Thanks Matt for allowing this rookie to partake in your forum. I've met some cool people via this blog like Paul Lucas, Allan Barlett and Jimmy Camp who was on a flight with me from SACTO to SNA earlier this week.


Thanks for the props, thanks for being a class act and thanks for providing a great news and opinion service behind the orange Curtain.............

Andrew Davey

Congrats, Matt!

Believe it or not, it was a DEMOCRAT who introduced me to OC Blog about 16 months ago. We were both working on Francine Busby's campaign in SD County, yet we both followed OC politics fairly closely (I'm an OC native, he went to CSUF). But anyways, he kept telling me that "OC Blog is the s***!" (that's a compliment) and that he enjoyed reading OC Blog to keep up on what's happening in OC. And from that point on, your site has been part of my blog addiction.

So anyways, congrats on 3 successful years of blogging OC politics from the right. It's nice sometimes to get different perspectives on the news an issues of the day. And despite my occasional harsh words, just know that I'll always keep coming back for more of this site. ; )

Greater Orange News Service/ Orange Net News

Congratulations to the OC Blog.
Your leadership in the OC Blogsphere and encouragement, pinoeering and fostering of the OC Blogsphere on all sides of the important issues has made Orange County the leader in public discourse on the Internet and made the internet a leading source of news for those in the know.

The Greater Orange Community Group and it's family of News Services

Len Kranser

Congratulations. Don't grow weary of the task. Informing the public is a noble duty.


As an Orange County native, I get most local news that counts from the Red Blog. I just don't trust the Register anymore. So keep up the good work. Thanks.

larry gilbert

Let me join those who have commended you on this milestone. Like anything else it takes dedication to coitinue in any endeavor for an extended period of time. To do that without reducing the quality takes a lot of effort. Your challenge is to "keep the bar high."
Best wishes
Larry Gilbert

Allan Bartlett

Right back at you Phil. Congrats to OC Blog on another milestone. Political debate in OC hasn't been the same since the advent of blogs(it's a lot better now).

Claudio Gallegos

Congratulations Matt. Countless posts have pissed me off, so you must be doing something RIGHT(Pun INtended). You have accomplished much and by the rankings on Blog Net News have helped make the OC political blogosphere the most dominant in the state. Keep up the good work.


Pete Fundy

As Orange County's leading conservative commentator, Pete Fundy is grateful for OCBlog. If it weren't for you boys, I'd have a hard time remembering just how much money there is in telling people whatever it is that they want to hear. Over and over and over again. Like Hugh Hewitt, for example.

Yes, we OC conservatives have had our setbacks. We lost Steven Greenhut, we regret voting to re-elect Sheriff Mike Carona, and that Tan Nguyen thing was so embarrassing that we wanted to spit.

Okay, okay, everyone knows that losing Greenhut was a blessing. Hey, Pete Fundy was just trying to be nice.

Congratulations, OCBlog! Here's to Chuck DeVore's next 5,000 posts.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

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