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June 06, 2007


Jon Fleischman

My guesses:

Cindy Tran
Suzanne Lewis
Susan Schroeder



Lee's Sandwiches
Nguoi Viet
The Photoshop Guy (he really did it tank Trung).

The unions all know that it was reportable so they wouldn't have done it. It has to be Viets because they might've actually believed Janet's claim that everything was Kosher.

With the exception of Nguoi Viet, Mr. Photoshop and Lee's Sandwiches all don't want it known publicly that they contributed to Janet out fear of retribution by Van Tran.

Lony Tam

My guesses:

Tony Lam
Tony Lam


Tony Lam

To Lony Tam

You are part right, but Tony Lam doesn't use any of his own money. But, he does control Lee's Sandwiches, Nguoi Viet, and a large number of other monied interests.

if there are any Vietnamese contributors, you shouldn't have to look very deep to find the Tony Lam connection. So, you are not technically correct because Tony's name won't be on anything but the intent will be there.

Yawn...this is becoming old. The news cycle is not usually this cumbersome here.


Sorry, didn't mean to bore anyone with a county supervisor ignoring a county ordinance.

But those of us with longer attention spans will keep focused on it.

Video Store Guy is Back!

I believe one will be a former video store owner named Truong Van Tran!


"Yawn...this is becoming old. The news cycle is not usually this cumbersome here."

Boring? This is absolutely hi-larious. I'd try to guess, but I don't have ANY IDEA who the malefactors might be. Hitler's dead, right?

Milk Man

1. Nick Lecong (20k)
2. Association of Orange County Sheriff's Deputies
3. Tony Lam

Special favors from special interest

Tony Bedolla (Firefighters Union
Sara Ruckle-Harms (Orange County Employees Association)
Larry Yellin (Orange County Attorney’s Association)

Morning Coffee

I don't find this boring either, and I'd love to know if the Unions were stupid enough to give her the $$$. I doubt it, but who knows? Their FPPC paperwork is due the end of July, and, if she's still stonewalling, it will be interesting to see what they report.

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