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June 20, 2007


Stick to your guns Van

Greenhut is just plain wrong and who is he to advise Republicans anyway? If Van felt he could support Janet he would have by now. I'm happy we have leaders like Van who do not fold to outside pressure from politicos or the press. The Republican party in Orange County would be stronger and more respected by its members if more people were like Van and did what they thought was right all of the time. Thank you Mr. Tran and thank you Trung for running. I hope you will run again for this seat next year. There are lots of us who will support you.


Mike Schroeder and Van Tran need to get over it!!! Obviously they have no real support for our party, they would rather let Democrat Joe Dunn get right in and win the seat against Janet just because she didn’t ask them if she could run. I am so discussed by Schroeder / Tran crushing her instead of support (kudos to Baugh) that we are ready to have nothing to do with anything they endorse or support – and we are not alone. Face it, you got beat…suck it up and support your fellow Republican. Maybe you should stop playing with puppets like Trung and focus on the actual people in office.

Slow Death for Van

Yes, lets thank Van Tran when we lose to the Dem. That is unity within the Republican party. Tell Van to get over himself and move on. He has lost 3 elections so far - yes, this clearly shows he has a following of record lost. What a record Van! Can't wait till you cause the GOP to lose the central county to the Dems. Thanks Van!!!

Yeah keep crying cause you lost. Maybe someone will feel sorry for you and appoint you to the Human Relations Committee or something.


I don't understand why Mr.Greenhut has concern for our Republican leadership in Garden Grove. Assemblyman Tran has broad support from all true Republicans in state of California and he works very hard to serve his district.We are fortunate to have Van Tran to represent us at Sacramento.

Van is the Man

Slow Death for Van a.k.a. Art Pedroza,

Van Tran has been the single best reason the GOP has made any ground in Central County. Only because of his previous efforts did Janet Nguyen do as well as she did. HE's the one who organized the Vietnamese vote - not Janet. The only reason Janet won this time was because of the crowded Republican field! She won't be so lucky again.

As for the other "prognosticators" who claim this is Joe Dunn's seat to lose, you're the same group who said this was Tom Umberg's seat as well...Dunn is done in O.C. as well, although I would love to see him waste his money on this race.

Van is the Man!


Van is the Man:
The only reason Janet won was because of a crowded Republican field? What are you smoking? The seat and area are represented by Democrats at all levels of government. How does a crowded Republican field help her?

I value Van's leadership in central county. I am glad Janet won the county sup. seat. Why can't both be successful in Central County? Why does it have to be one or the other? This is the real frustration with the Republican establishment when dealing with these two. No one believes either of their stories about how evil and inept the other one is.


Hi Trung,
We can't wait to see the INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURES on your financial disclosures next month from your "FREE" lawyer Mike Schroeder et al., talk about "pay-for-play"...and we hope you and Van are very careful, we will all be watching the dollar / hour amounts closely, right Shirley?

Re: Enough

Van is the Man is absolutely correct. The only reason Janet pulled this off was because Trung energized the Viet vote and the Republican field was too crowded to put a conservative on top of a RINO.

There is no "real frustration" within the Republican establishment. Ask anyone worth a damn. If they had to choose between Van and Janet they would throw your newly elected Supe under the bus without thinking about it twice!


Just ask me. If I have to choose between Janet and Van, I pick Van in a heartbeat. I appreciate his leadership. We need more people like Van to attract people to politics & the Republican Party. I hope he runs against Loretta Sanchez and take back the 47th District soon. Democrats and Art don't like Van and I don't blame them. He can't please everyone.

Mike Schroeder can do anything he wants if it is not violating any law.

And we pay attention to Greenhut because why?


To all those saying "Is Trung Going To Report Schroeder's Legal Services"?...

Ummm, one big difference...

Trung isn't a candidate! Why would he be filing ANYTHING?

Chris Prevatt

Ummm, one small problem.

As is the case with Janet, any expenses related to the February election in which Trung was a candidate do apply. Since all of the claims are clearly linked to his effort to win that election, including the appeal of the results of the recount and claim that expenses were improperly expended from the "improper" legal defense fund are reportable expenses. Also, if you spend funds to support or oppose a candidate that would also be reportable.

Since none of the required reporting of post election expenditures and income have occurred as yet, no one knows for sure what has or has not been reported.

It has been asserted that the Team Trung legal expenses have been donated. I do not believe that individuals clearly affiliated with a candidate/campaign can donate their professional services without those services being reported as in-kind. Pro Bono work or significant reduction of normal and customary fees in my opinion would likely be reportable.

As for your comment Matt that the problems Janet faces from Team Trung are largely of her making... If you mean the legal defense fund, she should have reported things as required by OC Tin Cup. But as for the legal expenses related to the appeal of the recount and the claim about Jimmy Camp's expenses, nothing is required to be reported until the next filing date, and there is nothing wrong with her primary attorney paying for other legal services if he bills the campaign and they are reported in the filing due the end of July. Those expenses are problems for Janet that are clearly of Trung Nguyen's making.

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