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June 10, 2007


Nick Berardino

Matt, A well deseved recognition. Keep up the good work !!!!!


You should be pleased - but not surprised. Some of the commenters on this board are brilliant.

Art Pedroza

Congrats Matt! It is great to see the O.C. so well represented on this list.

Jeff Flint

Congrats Matt.


That's awesome, Matt! Great job.


Matt, this is the payoff for all your hard work, keep it up!


Congrats, you beat some of The Bigs!

Andrew Davey

Congratulations, Matt. You deserve it. You've done some great stuff on this site. Keep up the good work!

And btw... Yippee! Calitics is #5! OJ is # 6! CPR is #10! Lib OC is #14! It's so great to see all my friends on this list. : )


Congrats Matt...and it was good to see you and Laura at the Flag Day Dinner tonight. Talk about a rubber chicken dinner!


Props for the award. i confess I start my daily blog check right here.

Chuck DeVore

And I end it here...


All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Gustavo Arellano


Long-time politico

Well deserved and hard earned! You are a good man, sir.

Trung Nguyen

Congratulations. You have been direct and objective in your comments/blogs. Keep up your good work.



Congratulations, you are doing a great job.

Well deserved!!!

Best regards,


Jubal, out of idle curiosity, whatever happened to:

OC Dutch
El Pistolero

and what abbout "Lurk"?

larry gilbert

Let me join the list of those who have congratulated you for this achievement. We both know how much work is required to keep up with all of the relevant stories that generate so much activity on the blogs.
Best regards to you and your entire blog family. As I often state. There is no "I" in the word 'team."
Larry Gilbert



Old bloggers never die, they just fade away...

The Pot Stirrer

Let me add my contrats, too. The Red County/OC Blog is consistently a good read, although I occasionally find myself slipping off the right side of my chair trying to follow the dialogue. When that happens I just read some of the others mentioned on the list and I get snapped right back to center - more or less. Good job to all of you who drive the dialogue here. You're a terrific source of good info with a whole lot less vitriol than other sites.



This blog does 2 things very well;

First, it is wonderfully organized, it is so easy to target in on a thread or just feast on the special of the day.

Second, it is the best of the blogs that also act as a portal to the other blogs, many of them listed in the same report.

It is hard work to make a blog look easy, you do a great job!


Thanks, just...asking.

And you reminded me that I forgot to hyperlink the other blogs in the post.

Dan Chmielewski

Congrats on the listing Matt and thanks for permitting open debate on the site.

larry gilbert

To: "Some blogs happy to be rated 6th."

I thought this post was to acknowlege that OC Blog/Red County came in first in this poll. To introduce garbage by interjecting comments about another Orange County blog takes away from the positive threads of Matt's post and is without class. No wonder you choose to hide behind a garbage can and remain anonymous.
Although I write for another blog I did acknowledge Matt and his team effort without pumping up the blog that I am affiliated with. Don't rain on Matt's award with useless trash.

Larry Gilbert. Yes, that's my real name.

Art Pedroza


I am quite happy to see my blog come out ahead of many very major league blogs. As Matt knows, running a blog is a lot of work. I am gratified that so many people find their way to the Orange Juice!

It is of course a massive achievement for Red County/OC Blog to come in first. Matt and his team have much to be proud of.

Richard Rios


You have provided me a place to garner insight into politics and participate in educated and provoking discussions. It is no wonder you have been ranked as #1. It is recognition for what many here already know.

You and your team is greatly appreciated!

Richard Rios

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