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June 01, 2007



This is a press release for a PPIC study released on Wed. My opinion: Leaders' lack of a consistent and objectively applied moral and political platform cause confusion and ignorance in the people they are supposed to lead. On one hand it comes down to individual responsibility and on the other people subconciously need leaders to show them the way. What do you think?

Some findings of the current survey:

Sixty-four percent of likely voters support Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal to issue $43.3 billion in bonds to increase funding for education facilities, prisons, water storage, and other infrastructure projects.
Fifty-two percent of voters admit that they know very little (43%) or nothing (9%) about how bonds are paid for in California. Six percent say they know a lot.
The share of residents who describe the state budget as a big problem has fallen 29 points, from 73 percent to 44 percent, since May 2004.

View the study here: http://www.ppic.org/main/publication.asp?i=751


Published: June 1, 2007

He doesn’t let his faith get in the way of his politics
Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Canadian newspaper he is Catholic, but that doesn’t affect his decisions as governor

During a three-day trade mission to Canada, the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Republican governor of California told a Toronto newspaper that, while he is a Catholic, he does not mix religion and politics.

“California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is staring down anti-abortion opponents of stem-cell research with a warning to leave religion out of politics and health,” reported the May 31 Toronto Star.

“I always said that you should not have your religion interfere with government policies or with the policies of the people,” Schwarzenegger told the Star. “I am a Catholic and a very dedicated Catholic, but that does not interfere with my decision-making because I know that stem-cell research, the way we are doing it in California... is the right way to go and will save, very quickly down the line, lives and cure a lot of these illnesses.”

After signing a $30 million research agreement with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Schwarzenegger told the Star his support for stem-cell research was based on tragic personal circumstances. “I have a father-in-law, Sargent Shriver, who has Alzheimer's,” Schwarzenegger told the newspaper. “Now, Sargent Shriver, I'll tell you was one of the most brilliant minds in the world. He was working under the Johnson administration, the Kennedy administration, started the Peace Corps, the Jobs Corps, like I said, brilliant, brilliant. Today, he does not even recognize his wife. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease and this is why I am so very passionate about supporting (research).”

The Star then offered this explanation of those who oppose stem-cell research: “Abortion foes are against stem-cell research because microscopic embryos, usually donated by fertility clinics, are destroyed in the process.”

The newspaper said McGuinty, “a fellow Catholic,” shared Schwarzenegger’s views on faith and politics. “I would argue... there's one moral imperative that transcends all faiths, all culture and all traditions, it would be this fundamental desire to relieve pain and suffering and death where we find it,” McGuinty told the Star.

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