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June 23, 2007



I was just driving by with my family en route to lunch at the newest El Ranchito in Laguna Beach. On the way back I saw Trung Nguyen in the parking lot of Salt Creek Beach.


Does anybody know if State Senator Van Tran there?

Billy Bob

To many yellow flags if these people our American they need to have more American flags.Love it or leave it.

Justice for Tran Truong

I agreed with Minh Nguyen. I think these Bolsa Anti-commie are hypocrat. They claim VN has no freedom of speed at the same time they ran Tran Truong out of his store. Tran Truong was practicing his right, remember he was hanging HoChiMinh pix in his store. I found it ironic they don't want Truong to hang HochiMinh picture but these protesters were holding HoChiminh picture during the protest. Get over and move on. If you are patriotic then take care the Viet homeless here in Little Saigon. For your information before you call me Cummie or Cummie sympathizer, two of my uncle were murdered by VietMinh. My dad was in Education Camp for 11 years. My family and I was placed in Economic Zone.

Check your facts...

The 1999 Hitek protest ended peacefully after 50 plus days because the Westminster Police Department closed down Tran Truong's store on the basis that he was illegally pirating movies.

His store wasn't shut down because of the protest, it was shut down because he was a criminal.

By the way, if your father was really in Re-Education Camp for 11 years and your family was sent to work in the New Economic Zone then you ought to be a shamed of yourself for "getting over" what the commie did to your family.

Be very ashamed of yourself...

Tan at 11AM
Van Tran is an Assemblyman not a Senator.

re Billy Bob

Billy Bob,

Nothing satisfies the Communist by seeing the yellow flag be put away.

And nothing angers them most by seeing the yellow flags fly everywhere. These flags make the Commies go nut. These flags have nothing to do with "love it or leave it".

Billy Bob

We aint in no rice paddy country. We in the good old US of A. I say if you in this country you respect the laws and you fly old Glory and keep all those other flags at home. Jeez, the fourth of July is coming up and now we got these foreign flags in my neighborhood. Get rid of them, leave them at home and pledge allegience to the stars and stripes. This country gave you people freedom, so bow and sing its praise.

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